Grill shopping tips from experts

1. Think About Fuel

Grills run on a number of different fuels these days.

You can run on your home's natural gas hookups or a more traditional charcoal style BBQ grill. You could also go with a popular propane grill. There are even specialized grills that run on wood and pellet fuel.

You need to decide what fuels are available in your grilling area to get started. You also need to factor in taste, here. There are many BBQ aficionados that swear by one fuel type or another, so do some reading before you begin narrowing your choices.

2. Consider Sizes:

BBQ grill size is measured by the square inches on the cooking surface, so you need to think about two things in this area.

First, think about how much space you actually have to house a grill. If you have an entire patio or deck versus a fairly small condo or apartment, you should keep this in mind.

Then, think about how many people you'll be cooking for on a regular basis.

3. Research available features & add-ons:

Would a sink beside your BBQ grill? Or how about a burner on the side to prepare some delicious side dishes?

From your basic black grill that will cook your Sunday chicken to beautiful stainless steel choices that will allow you to prepare a four course meal in your outdoor kitchen, BBQ grills these days are loaded with options.

Do a bit of research on the features that might suit your needs best before you get overwhelmed with your choices. BBQ grills have much to offer, a bit of extra research before you start the process will go a long way.

4. Call an expert directly:

We have serviced every grill, and have been helping our customers find the best since 1956! Give us a shout at: 1-877-983-0451

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