How do I locate my Alfresco Grill Model?

How do I know which Alfresco Grill I have? There are only two places you can find your Alfresco Model Number.

1. You can locate it in your grill manual or underneath your drip tray.

2. If you cannot locate your manual or the information has wore off under the grease tray, here are ways you can troubleshoot which grill you have.

Alfresco manufactures world class outdoor cooking equipment. There 3 series of grills AGBQ, ALX2 and ALXE 

A 30” will have 2 main burners and is manufactured in all 3 series.

A 36” will have 3 main burners and is manufactured in the second generation ALX2 and ALXE

A 42” will have 3 main burners and is manufactured in all 3 series.

A 56” will have either 3 or 4 main burners and is manufactured in all 3 series.  (The Deluxe grill will have 3 burners and an integrated side burner. ) 

The AGBQ was manufactured in 3 sizes 30”, 42” and 56”. They were distinguished by an external rotisserie motor except on their entry level 30” Builder model which had 2 knobs and no rotisserie back burner. The burner on the AGBQ grill will have a support bar with a pin to secure on the burner hanger (150-0384) in the firebox. AGBQ Grills were originally manufactured with a AA battery holder switch. The ignition changed to a 9 volt battery spark generator situated behind the control panel in an igniter holder bracket (100-0903 for AGBQ 30 and 100-0934 for AGBQ 42, 56). The battery can be easily changed by unscrewing the battery holder cap (210-0200). There were no internal grill lights on the AGBQ. The briquettes tray in the AGBQ has a lip around the tray and has two holes in the back to mount through 2 pins in the rear of the grill.  Here is a AGBQ breakdown of the most commonly replaced parts. If you should need something we do not list on the breakdown, please email us at or call us toll free 877-983-0451.

The ALX2 was completely redesigned and had features that were years ahead of the competition. The mounting mechanism of the burner changed from the AGBQ to the ALX2. The briquette trays changed design and the size of the cooking grates. One of the biggest distinctive  innovations in this grill was the internal chain driven rotisserie motor. This eliminated the need to externally mount the motor on the outside of the grill hood. The motor was encased in the firebox.

There were 2 generations of this series that were distinguished by the serial number 10-99999 & lower and 11-99999 & forward.

The ALX2 (2010 and below) the front control panel will tilt open and has a 2 or 4 port battery spark generator ignition. The LX2 Burner will rest in a burner support bracket.  This grill uses a 9 volt battery operated spark generator for its ignition. There are internal grill lights. 

The ALX2 (2011 and forward) The front control panel on this model needs to be removed and does not tilt. The ignition is electrically driven. The ceramic briquettes are held in place in the briquette trays with a locking mechanism. The ignition system changed on this LX2 version. It is electronically driven by a transformer. The electrode wires get plugged the igniter box 210-0465. The wire harness gets plugged into the transformer powering the spark generator as well as the lights. 

The ALXE was completely redesigned giving a completely refined and sleek design to Alfresco line of Grills. Many of the components from the second generation ALX2 remained in the new ALXE grill including the burners, briquette trays and cooking grates. In addition, these grills also use an electronic ignition eliminating the need for batteries. Amber control panel lighting was also added as a design feature as well as knobs. A spiral torsion hood assist system was added for ease of lifting the hood. 

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