The Charmglow Grill is a a private label imported grill licensed and sold exclusively by The Home Depot. We stock a variety of high quality aftermarket parts for many models including burners, cooking grates, heat plates and ignition.

Charmglow from Home Depot Gas Grill Replacement Parts 

810-2200-0, 810-2300-B, 810-2320, 810-2320-B, 810-2320B, 810-3810-S, 810-6310-0, 810-6320-0, 810-6320-B, 810-6320-C, 810-6320-V, 810-6800-0, 810-6800-B, 810-6805-0, 810-6830, 810-6830-0, 810-6830-B, 810-6835-0, 810-6930B, 810-7310-F, 810-7310-S, 810-7319-0, 810-7400-F, 810-7400-S, 810-7420-F, 810-7420-S, 810-7430-F, 810-7440-F, 810-7440-S, 810-7441S, 810-7450-s, 810-7451-F, 810-7500-S, 810-7600-F, 810-7600-S, 810-8410-F, 810-8410-S, 810-8500-S, 810-8530-F, 810-8530-S, 810-8532-5, 810-8532-F, 810-8532-S, 810-8550-F, 810-8550-S, 810-8552-S, 810-8750-F, 810-8750-S, 810-8752-S, 810-8755-F, 810-8905-S, 810-8907-S, 810-9210-F, 810-9520-F, 812-7600-S


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