S13884 Delta Heat 32" Stainless Cooking Grate

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S13884 Delta Heat 32" Stainless Steel Grates

Sold Individually

Dimensions : 9 7/8 (approx.) x 17 (approx.)

The Grill Takes 3 Grates


The easiest way to clean the stainless steel grates is to scrub them with a barbeque brush immediately after cooking is completed and the flame is turned off. Wear a barbeque mitt to protect your hands from the heat and steam. Dip a brass bristle barbeque brush in tap water and scrub the hot grill. Dip the brush frequently in tap water. Steam, created as water comes in contact with the hot grill, helps loosen food particles stuck in the grill. These food particles will either get burned into the briquettes or fall into the cleaning pan. Cleaning of the grill would be longer and more difficult if the grill racks are allowed to cool before cleaning. When cleaning the grates, make sure not to hit the rotisserie burner. Never spray water on hot grill.

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