Cooking Grids

How to Measure Grill Grates        

Your cooking grids are measured in depth (front to back). Take a tape measure and measure the grate front to back first. The front to back, or depth, is the dimension if you are standing in front of your grill. This is an important dimension because you want your grid to fit on the shelves inside the firebox other wise the grate will fall through. You may also want to note the maximum and minimum depth range from the shelf in the the grill in the event there is not an exact fit. Then measure the width, left to right, and count the number of grids in your grill. First, Choose the appropriate depth range (below) for your cooking surface then the width.

Why Buy New Cooking Grates?

If you have had your barbecue grill for a while, you have probably noticed that the grease and fat from the meat you cook can make a mess on the different grill parts. Over time, the grates that you use to cook the meat can become encased with debris from cooking, even if you habitually clean and oil the grates. In these cases, you can get more flavor and enjoyment out of your barbecuing experience by using new cooking grates. After a while, grates often become rusty and deteriorate. Rust makes food stick more to the grates, adds bad dirt and metal flavors to your food and, in extreme cases, can be a health hazard if you accidentally ingest larger shards of rust. You can avoid these annoyances by buying new grates that fit your BBQ grill and cooking habits well.

Types of Grill Grates

Stainless Steel, cast iron and porcelain are all used to make cooking grates for BBQ grills. Grates can also leave great grill marks on meats when you let them get hot enough to sear the meat. So get new grill gates for your Alfresco grill, Twin Eagles grill or Weber grill today!

Here are some Differences between cooking grate materials

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