Solaire 27GXL, 30", 36", 42", 56", & 56T Thermocouple for Rotisserie Burners - SOL-6047R

SKU: SOL-6047R

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Solaire Replacement Thermocouple for Rotisserie Burners for 27GXL, 30", 36", 42", 56", & 56T 

You do not need this part if your grill does not have a rotis burner


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  1. So-so

    The diameter and thread type of the coupling end needs to be in the description. Though most valves for BBQ’s and gas firepits can use the same 8mm fine or 5/16” 24 diameter and thread, this product has a 9mm fine.

    Was able to make it work by re-threadIng with a die set, however most customers would not have that capability.

    Verified Customer Ron - 28th Aug 2020

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