American Fireglass 10 lbs 1/2" Starfire Reflective Fire Glass - AFF-STFRRF12


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AFF-STFRRF12 American Fireglass Starfire Reflective 1/2-in Fireplace Gems 

Starfire Reflective Fireglass is available in our 1/2" Premium Collection. It is one of our top selling color choices due to its brilliant color and appealing effect as the flame burns through the fireglass. Starfire is unique and elegant and is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use. The brilliant color gives the illusion that the flame is burning on a bed sparkling diamonds or as though the flame is rising through ice.

An Average 36" Fireplace Takes Approximately 60 lbs. of gems

An Average 42" Fireplace Takes Approximately 80 lbs. of gems Lava granules can be used initially on the burner then covered with Fireglass Gems to reduce the amount needed

Combine multiple gem colors for spectacular fire!

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