Sterling Cast Iron Burner Venturi Assembly Kit

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Manufacturer has discontinued this item

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Burner and venturi kit


Fits Sterling Models : 2110, 2200, 2210, 2220, 2230,  2240,  3220,  3240,  BO400D,  C40,  C410,  C420,  C430,  C52,  C60SRB,  C640,  D0400D,  D0450D,  DB0400D,  DB0450D,  DB400,  DB410,  DB420,  DB460,  L2000,  L2000D,  R200,  R2000,  R200BD,  R300,  R300AD,  S200,  S2000,  S2000BD,  S2000DW,  S2000W,  S200BD,  S200DWW,  S2200,  S2200DW,  S2200RB,  S2200SB,  S300,  S3000,  S3000SB,  S300AD,  S3200,  S3200SB,  S3200SRB,  S400,  S4000,  S400CD


Material : Cast Iron

Dimensions : 19 1/2" x 8" - Burner


To ensure you choose the correct replacement burner kit for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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