The quality of TEC grills is unsurpassed as some of their first customers are still using their 30 year old grills because they are built to last a lifetime, and The BBQ Depot has TEC grill parts including infrared burners, cooking grates, igniter parts, radiant glass and more for all model grills (even the original Patio Grills). Keep your TEC grill running like it's new.

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TEC Replacement Parts, Infrared Burners, Cooking Grates, Ignition, more for the following models

Cherokee, G-Sport, G2000, G2000FR, G3000, G3000FR, G4000, G4000FR, IR20035, PATIO I, PATIO II, PPP-402-N, ppp-40l, RW100, SSG-40L, SSG-60N, ssg40nsb, SSG4N, ST2LPFR, ST3NTFR, STERLING II, STERLING III, Sterling IV, Sterling FR Series

Making sure your TEC Grill parts are in good working order is essential to ensuring that your grill will last a lifetime. For example, if the ceramic is cracked on your infrared burner, it is time to replace that part. TEC Sterling 1 grill had one long burner in it.

Discontinued Model Replacement Parts

TEC grill parts are available for all discontinued models including Patio I and II, Sterling II, Sterling III, Sterling IV, Sterling G FR, Sterling FR, Patio FR, G-Sport FR, Cherokee FR as well as the G2000, G3000, G4000.

TEC Resources

Popular Parts Breakdown for Patio II (2), Sterling II & III, Sterling G and Cherokee

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