Charcoal grills are the most traditional choice for BBQ. Grilling takes us back to a simpler time, with people cooking over an open fire and bonding over good company and delicious food. While Gas BBQ grills may provide us with some of the same benefits, traditional charcoal grills add a genuine element to the grilling experience. There are many different charcoal BBQs for you to choose from, and some have unique features that satisfy specific grilling needs.

Start by selecting the type of charcoal grill that suits your space best:

Our recommendations

We like charcoal grills from trusted brands such as FireMagic, Twin Eagles and Weber. Their 30" inch charcoal grill on a cart and Weber's ranch kettle grill both provide excellent grill quality.

We also carry a great selection of BBQ grill accessories and grill parts, everything you need to be the BBQ king of your neighborhood.

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