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BBQ's are an integral aspect of the American lifestyle. At The BBQ Depot, we have been locating the best grills at the best value for our customers since 1956. We have researched, tested and serviced all grills on the market and only carry grills that have repeatedly proven themselves!

The Best Gas Grills

We take gas barbecues and grills extremely seriously. After all, they represent so much more than just metal grates and fire. They combine the incredible taste of barbecue with the unparalleled convenience of gas heat, enabling you to enjoy the sumptuous flavors of grilling without the smoky taste commonly associated with charcoal cooking.

This creates one of the best places for families, friends even strangers to enjoy each others company and enjoy countless flavors and culinary entertainment. Let us help you create the Ultimate Grilling Experience.

A wide variety of grills

The BBQ Depot carries the ultimate selection of natural gas grills and propane grills, with dozens of our favorite domestic brands.

Check out our grill shopping articles to increase your BBQ I.Q., and ensure you find the perfect grill for your needs. Feel free to reach out with your most challenging questions.

Unmatched versatility

Natural gas grills are extremely versatile. They can be built into an outdoor island, installed on a pedestal, or made to stand alone on a wheeled cart for additional convenience and portability. The choice is yours.

Compare natural gas BBQ grills vs. propane gas grills and check out our gas grill reviews to find your ideal grilling solution.

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to any option that you choose. Propane gas grills offer incredible portability and flexibility, as the free-standing tanks can be used anywhere. Natural gas grills are a great investment if you're looking for a more permanent fixture, and they enable you to enjoy the maximum cost savings over time.

How long do BBQ's last?

US Manufactured Grills can last a lifetime while imported grills can last 2-3 years. It also depends on the quality of the grill, how well its cared for and availability of replacement parts.

Extending A Grills Lifetime

Periodically clean your burners, heat disbursement system (flame tamers, heat shields, etc) and your cooking grates. Imported grills will have the greatest challenge of obtaining replacement parts. These will be limited to the offerings of the aftermarket. Keep in mind drip trays are often never a part option in the aftermarket yet it is a widely replaced item.

Conclusion, shop for a U.S. manufactured grill.

Free Shipping On All Grills

Our standards are the highest you'll find, and our merchandise is a testament to this commitment. Shop with confidence and save money in the process! All orders over $99 (within the continental United States) even qualify for free shipping!

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