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Alfresco ALXE 30" Grill

Alfresco manufactures the worlds finest outdoor equipment. Established over 15 years ago, they have been redefining the Luxury outdoor appliance market ever since. They are responsible for designing and engineering other well known brands in the marketplace including, Dynasty, Solaire and Vintage Grills. As well as, the original founder of Lynx Grills

The introductory series was the AGBQ Grill, the BBQ brought the commercial quality appliance outdoors. The grill utilized a battery operated ignition and had an innovative air curtain behind the control panel that assisted on keeping the knobs cool (this feature still exists today). The grill was a first in offering 27,500 BTU's per burner which also still exists in their product line today.

Their was a 30" builder grill which was a basic 2 burner grill, a 30" grill with rotisserie, 42" and 56".

Consistently innovating, Alfresco introduced the LX2 grill which was the first grill of its kind to have a chain driven rotisserie motor that was built in the firebox. Until recently (with Twin Eagles), there has been no other grill to have this feature. The grill came in a 30", 42" and 56" and then a 36" was introduced when the second series of the LX2 was introduced.

The first series LX2 had a battery ignition as well as a briquette tray where the ceramic briquettes just sat on the tray. The second series LX2 introduced the electronic ignition and a locking briquette tray.

The look of the AGBQ and LX2 were very similar and the major distinction was the internal or external rotisserie motor. The burner also had a design change. There is a support bracket that hold the burner in place at the back of the firebox in the LX2 whereas there was a support bar attached to the burner with peg that secured it in place in the AGBQ. 

The major design change came with the ALXE. Offering a more sleek and sophisticated look, the ALXE redefined true outdoor luxury.

Alfresco ALXE Grills come in five models - 30”, 36”, 42”, 56” all Grill and a 56” with an integrated side burner. 

This Grill offers 15 ways to Cook : Searing, Braising, Frying, Boiling, Roasting, Teppanyaki, Grilling, Baking, Steaming, Wok Cooking, Blanching, Smoking, Griddle Cooking, Cold Smoke Roasting, Rotisserie Cooking. More versitility than any grill on the market.

Many Industry First Luxury Features :

Alfresco Grills Hood Assist

Lifting the hood is a breeze with the exclusive EZ-Lift hood assist system that is made of non corrosive stainless steel.

Alfresco Grill Light and Ignition Controls    Alfresco Grills Amber LED Control Lighting

There are three push buttons on the left of the control panel : the center controls the interior halogen lights as well as the amber back lit knobs. The bottom controls the rotisserie motor and the top controls the ignition. All of these require electricity in order to function.

Alfresco Grills Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are made of heavy duty 3/8” rod stainless steel and have a special non stick electro polish finish.

Alfresco Refractive Briquette Trays

The ceramic 5 way heat distributing refractive briquettes eliminate hot and cold spots.

The burners produce a huge 27,500 btu per Burner and are made of 18SR Titanium and stainless steel. Removing the burners is a breeze. Simply lift up from the bracket at the back of the firebox and pull out.

The center houses the dedicated smoker burner.

There is a flush mounted rotisserie burner that reaches 1500 degrees. Powered by a hidden chain driven rotisserie motor.

Removing the rotisserie spit rod is easy, simply lift the left side of the rod and pull out.

Alfresco Grill Three Position Warming Rack

The warming rack has three positions. Lift up when not in use or rotissing and two other positions when grilling.

The igniter collector box and electrode are mounted at the front of the firebox for reliable lighting.

Alfresco Signature Taste Smoking Tray System

The smoker tray slides out for all your smoked wood and herbs

The drip tray includes an insert that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Alfresco Sear Zone Infrared Burner

Choose an Optional Infrared Cooking Sear Zone. This Burner reaches over 1500 degrees in just 4 minutes.

Alfresco Grills Exclusive Heat Protective Wiring

Exclusive Heat Resistant wire protection covers the full length of every wire with a 600º heat-resistant silicone sleeve.

The Alfresco Grill is made in the USA of the finest stainless steel and materials. There is not another grill in the marketplace that is more attractive, hotter (in temperature) or reliable. Their array of complimentary grill accessories as well as outdoor kitchen appliances including side burners, pizza ovens, refrigeration and storage allows you to create an amazing commercial quality outdoor kitchen.

The Alfresco Grills still remains today as our number one pick for quality and ease to maintain and fix. The BBQ Depot is not "married" to any brand. We are highly selective of the grills we display in our showroom. We also evaluate grills based on the how often they need service. We have been specializing in offering the best brands in the business since 1956. 

If you currently own an Alfresco grill and need replacement parts, as an authorized service provider we carry most parts and have access to every part on the grill. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, call us toll free at 877-983-0451.

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by Tracy Hollander on 23rd Oct 2017
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