Alfresco is one of the most luxurious outdoor grill brand that offers a wide range of grill parts to keep your grill performing like new.

Here are the most common Alfresco grill parts:

  1. Burners - These are an essential part of the grill as they responsible for producing the heat. Alfresco grills can come with a variety of burner styles, including sear zone burners (also known as infrared), U-burners, and smoker burners.
  2. Cooking Grates - These are what you put your food on to be grilled. Alfresco grills come with stainless steel round rod grates for the U Burners and special sear zone grates which are channeled.
  3. Briquette Trays - These trays sit above the U burners (only) and help distribute the heat evenly as well as radiate that heat with the ceramic briquettes.
  4. Igniters - These parts include electrodes which ignite the burners when you turn on the grill. Includes spark modules that can be battery operated depending on the year and series of the grill. Click here for our troubleshooting and part replacement guide for LX2 Battery Ignition Grills.
  5. Light Assemblies - Internal Halogen Lights are found in the LX2 and ALXE series

These are just some of the common Alfresco grill parts for all models (listed below).

We stock many Alfresco Original Manufacturer and Aftermarket Grill Replacement Parts.

Browse parts by type, or select your model number (below). Unsure of your model number? here is how you locate it.

If you do not see the parts you need, give us a call at 877-983-0451, as authorized service representatives, we can get any part you need.

Alfresco ALXE, ALX2, AGBQ 30", 36", 42", 56" Replacement Grill Parts

Alfresco has three series of grills : AGBQ, ALX2, and ALXE along with 4 different sizes : 30", 36", 42" and 56".

These models can come with various extensions : SZ is a sear zone, C is a cart model, RFG is refrigerated base.

At The BBQ Depot, we take pride in providing you with the stocking the largest selection of replacement grill parts online!

Grill Parts Schematics

AGBQ Series

AGBQ-30 – 30″ Grill Parts

AGBQ-30B - 30" Builder Grill Parts

AGBQ-30SZ – 30″ Grill with Sear Zone Parts

AGBQ-42 – 42″ Grill Parts

AGBQ-42SZ – 42″ Grill with Sear Zone Parts

AGBQ-56 – 56″ Grill Parts

ALX2 Series

ALX2-30 Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-30 & 30SZ Parts (SN: 11-00000 Forward)

ALX2-36 & 36SZ Parts (SN: 11-00000 Forward)

ALX2-42 Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-42SZ Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-42 & 42SZ Parts (SN: 11-00000 Forward)

ALX2-56 & 56SZ Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-56 & 56SZ Parts (SN: 11-00000 Forward)

ALX2-56 Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-56 BFG Parts (SN: 10-99999 & Lower)

ALX2-56 BFG Parts (SN: 11-00000 Forward)

ALXE Series

ALXE-30 & 30SZ Parts (SN: Up to 17-99999)

ALXE-30 & 30SZ Parts (SN: 18-00000 Forward)

ALXE-36 & 36SZ Parts (SN: Up to 17-99999)

ALXE-36 & 36SZ Parts (SN: 18-00000 Forward)

ALXE-42 & 42SZ Parts (SN: Up to 17-99999)

ALXE-42 & 42SZ Parts (SN: 18-00000 Forward)

ALXE-56 & 56SZ Parts (SN: Up to 17-99999)

ALXE-56 & 56SZ Parts (SN: 18-00000 Forward)

ALXE-56BFG Parts (SN: Up to 17-99999)

ALXE-56BFG Parts (SN: 18-00000 Forward)

The BBQ Depot is an authorized service representative for Alfresco. Any part you do not see on our website can be order by contacting us at 877-983-0451.

Stocking Parts for these Model Numbers:

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