Alfresco LX2 Igniter Troubleshooting and Spark Generator Replacement

Alfresco LX2 (First Generation) Ignition Troubleshooting and Spark Generator Replacement

The First Generation LX2 Grills,SN: 10-99999 & Lower, utilized a 9 volt battery operated ignition. In this example, we serviced a ALX2-56BFG All Grill with Sear Zone.

The customer had stated that their ignition was not working.

The ignition spark generator on this grill uses (2) 210-0194 4 spark generator boxes that are mounted on a stainless left and right mounting plate, parts 110-1197 and 110-1196, respectively.

When we started troubleshooting the ignition, we noticed that there was no rapid clicking noise from the spark generator.

We removed the cooking grates and briquette trays to be able to see the electrode. Our first step was to check the battery in the spark generator.

First step is to lift the top part of the control panel and pull towards you and you will see the spark generators on the left and right on this grill.

We noticed that the 9 volt battery was missing one of the terminals. We changed the battery and there was a rapid clicking but the electrode was not sparking.  We took a pair of pliers and bent the electrode closer to the burner and there was a slight spark but the burner would not light. This is an indication that the spark generator was failing. 

How to replace an Alfresco LX2 spark generator :

1. Lift the top of the control panel and pull towards you, exposing the spark generators

Alfresco Front Assembly

2. Remove the screw that mounts the mounting plate to the grill 

Alfresco Spark Generator Mounting

3. On the bottom of the mounting bracket are screws that hold the spark generator in place. These screws need to be removed to replace the spark generator.

4. Remove the igniter wires and igniter switch from the box

5. Place the new igniter spark module on the mounting plate and screw on

6. Screw the mounting bracket to the grill

7. Reinstall the ignition wires and igniter switch

8. Install new battery

Test the ignition to see if you get a strong spark to light the burners. 

Alfresco Igniter Electrode

If not, you may need to adjust the electrode (210-0189) placement by taking a pair of pliers to bend the electrode tip

Alfresco Igniter Troubleshooting

Test the ignition for all burners again to be sure you are getting a nice strong spark and your burners are lighting.

If so, reinstall your briquette trays and cooking grates.

Video on how to troubleshoot the igniter and replace the spark generator in an Alfresco LX2 

In addition, the client stated that their hose kept melting. We saw they were using a traditional universal hose and regulator kit. This regulator was not sufficient for the Alfresco grill and they should be using a stainless flex hose. So we also changed those parts. 

by Tracy Hollander on 12th Nov 2017
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