Blaze 32" BLZ-4LTE vs Summerset Sizzler PRO 32" SIZPRO-32

We are comparing the features of two popular imported grill brands Blaze and Summerset.

Blaze 32" LTE Grill

Summerset Sizzler 32" PRO

Grill Blaze 32" BLZ-4LTE
Summerset Sizzler SIZPRO-32
Number of Burners 4 4
Burner Style Cast Stainless Cast Stainless
Cooking Grates 8mm Stainless Rod 8mm Stainless Rod
BTU's 14,000 per burner 14,000 per burner
Rotisserie Burner Yes - 10,000 BTU's Yes - 15,000 BTU's
Heat Distribution System Flame Tamer Ceramic Briquette Trays
Ignition Flame Thrower Ignition Flame Thrower Ignition
Total Cooking Area 740 sq in 795 sq in
Hood Double Lined Hood Double Lined Hood
Cut-out Dimensions 30 5/8 w x 21 1/4 d x 8 1/2 h 30 5/8 w x 20 3/4 d x 8 1/2 h
Front Panel Lighting Yes Yes
Warranty Lifetime (selected parts) Lifetime (selected parts)
Pricing Check website for current pricing Check website for current pricing


Both of these built-in grills provide great features at a low price.

Both of these grills are imports and NOT made in the USA.

They have very similar features including 4 cast stainless burners that boast 14,000 BTU's.

These grills are above average in quality and do not match the quality of USA made grills in this size category ( Alfresco Artisan or Delta Heat).

They both utilize the flame thrower ignition. This is where the igniter electrode is attached to the valve allowing for the control knob to ignite the burners.

Both grills have double lined hoods though when lifting the Summerset grill hood, it feels more sturdy than the Blaze.

Both of these grills have heat zone separators allowing you to have different zones in the grill.

Both of these grills offer a lifetime warranty on the grill body and many essential parts including burners and cooking grates.


The Summerset design has a more more high end look than the Blaze with its polished side panels and sleek shape to the hood. The Blaze design has a cheaper look to it.

The Summerset has a rotisserie back burner that is much hotter than the Blaze which comes in handy when creating succulent rotisserie chickens.

Heat Distribution - A Key Difference

The one feature that truly separates the Summerset and the Blaze is the heat distribution system. The Summerset uses a ceramic briquette tray which is offered in all high end US made grills. The Blaze uses a stainless steel flame tamer. Ceramic briquettes retain and disburse heat much better than stainless steel. We prefer the ceramic briquettes over stainless steel 100% of the time.


In a nutshell, both Blaze and Summerset Gas grills have affordable premium features (cast stainless steel burners, heat zone separators and push and turn flame-thrower ignition).

However, we recommend the Summerset Sizzler PRO over the Blaze for 3 reasons

  1. The look of the grill. Summerset has a much more appealing high end design.
  2. Accessibility of replacement parts. This is huge for the griller experience.

    For the difference in $50, the Summerset will bar none have better replacement parts accessibility over Blaze.We have waited months for simple replacement parts from Blaze that we feel should be readily available.

  3. Summerset manufactured 3 of their Grill lines (Alturi, Builder Grill and the American Muscle Grill) as well as most of their outdoor kitchen components in the US at their Huntington Beach, CA facility. This creates brand integrity and stability. If Summerset is your Brand Budget we recommend them all the way!

We do want to add that when you are investing in an outdoor kitchen, the number one thought needs to be put into the equipment you are building in.

Once you have made the cut out, you are essentially married to that size and if you ever need to find a replacement, it will be a daunting task (especially if one of these brands closes their doors). Blaze and Summerset are not grill manufacturers but simply brands placed on grills. We will always support made in the USA!

DelSol Delta 32" Built-in Grill

Possible Alternative

Another grill to check out is the DelSol. Though it is an imported grill, it is backed by Twin Eagles Manufacturing. This grill is $1649 and has 4 Stainless Steel Burners and utilizes the ceramic briquette heat distribution system (same trays used in the Delta Heat). There is 530 sq of grilling area, a double lined grill hood and aesthetically appealing seamless welds and polished edges. Most importantly, this grill is fire tested and packaged in the USA by one the nations most respected grill manufacturer in California (Twin Eagles and Delta Heat).

Unbias Experts

Our reviews of grills are completely unbiased. Yes, we do sell grills, but we sell both of these grills, and are dedicated to give you the ultimate grilling experience.

We are not "married" to any brand. We have been in the same Hollywood, FL location since 1956 and have only specialized in the sales, service and repair of gas grills.

How we evaluate grills

We give our opinions based upon quality:

  1. How it holds up in the South Florida climate which is one of the harshest for metals
  2. How easy the grill is to maintain and repair
  3. Frequency of repairs and parts replacement
  4. The availability of manufacturer/brand support.)
by Tracy Hollander on 22nd Aug 2017
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