Top Two Mid Range ($2,000 - $2,500) Made in the USA Built-in Gas Grills

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This is a comparison between the top two Made in the USA Affordable Luxury (under $2500) Built-in Gas Grills

   Comparison Chart Alfresco Artisan 32" vs Delta Heat 32" Grill    

          Artisan ARTP 32" Built in Grill

   Delta Heat 32" Built-in Grill

Model ARTP-32
Grill Size 32" 32"
Configuration Built-in Built-in
Number of Main Burners 3 3
Main Grilling Area (sq in) 540 525
Infrared Sear Zone Optional Optional
Burner Type Stainless U Burner Stainless U Burner
Main Burner BTUs 20,000 15,500
Smoker Burner No No
Smoker Box No No
Ignition Push Button with 110v  9 volt Electronic Ignition
Hood Assist Yes No
Interior Lights One Two
Control Panel Lighting Yes (Blue LED) Yes (Blue LED)
Rotisserie Motor External External
Rotisserie Burner BTUs 15000 13000
Heat Distribution System Ceramic Briquettes Ceramic Briquettes
Temperature Gauge Analog Analog
Alternate Fuel Insert  No
Cutout Width 30.5″ 30.5″
Cutout Depth 19.75″ 19.75″
Cutout Height 9.5″ 9.5″
Grill Cover  Optional Optional
Price    $2240 $2319

The Artisan and Delta Heat are two very impressive mid range grills in the outdoor appliance market. They are both manufactured in the USA by the two leading luxury outdoor appliance manufacturers in the world. The Artisan is made by Alfresco while the Delta Heat is made by Twin Eagles. 

The Alfresco Artisan ARTP-32 and the Delta Heat DHBQ32R are the markets best selling, as well as best quality, mid-range built-in gas grills for outdoor kitchens in its class. They are both made in the USA grills and share some similar features. Since the Artisan is manufactured by Alfresco, we believe that the Artisan leads the marketplace in this class of grill. Just like its parent Alfresco, the Artisan is a much easier grill to maintain and service. It is also a slightly hotter grill than the Delta Heat.

They both share a Stainless Steel center fed U shaped burner though the Artisan puts out a bit more BTU than the Delta Heat. Artisan has a better burner warranty than Delta Heat. (15 years vs 10 years)

Both grills utilize a lock in place briquette tray that holds and radiates heat throughout the grilling surface. Simply turn the trays over, fire burners on high with the lid close to self clean. Artisan...again beats its competitor in the warranty. (Artisan - 5 Years; Delta Heat - 1 Year, excluding briquettes)

Both grills have internal lighting. Artisan only has one light whereas Delta Heat has two internal lights which makes this a better feature than its competitor. 

Delta Heat uses a 9 volt Electronic ignition while Artisan uses a 110V electronic ignition (requiring electricity). The electrically powered ignition systems have been proving to be a more reliable method to lighting the gas grill. As you do not have to worry about battery corrosion. Artisan does manufacture a lower priced model, AAEP-32, that does not come with rotisserie or an internal light and utilized a 9 volt battery powered ignition system and is $1,900. 

Both grills do require electricity to power the control panel lighting (LED) and interior lights.

Aesthetically, the Artisan more closely resembles its parent (Alfresco) than does Delta Heat. In our opinion, Delta Heat has a more appealing design than the Artisan.

For a $79 difference, Artisan is our pick.

Why buy a made in the USA grill? First off, you are building in your grill. When you do this, you are committing to the cut out size in your steel frame and counter-top. You are investing in the structure and it is sometimes cost prohibitive to modify the structure if the appliance fails and there are no replacement parts. You want to make sure you are purchasing a good quality product,

When you buy USA made you can be sure that product support will be available for your grill. When you buy a private labeled or licensed imported grill, you have very limited (if any) product support. 

When looking for a built-in grill, you should ask yourself these questions :

1. Is this grill a "licensed" or private labeled product - If so, we recommend staying away from these types of grills

2. Where is it manufactured? - If it is imported .... Keep in mind, it takes us months, yes, months... sometimes 3-6 to get a replacement burner, knob, heat plate and more. This can be extremely frustrating. Do not invest thousands of dollars in an outdoor kitchen and potentially be months without your grill. This happens often with many imported brands. Including, but not limited to, Blaze, Bull, Lion, etc. Need a valve or manifold, you may be out of luck when purchasing an imported unit. Very seldom are these parts supported.

3. Invest a little more with a USA made product so that you can have piece of mind and protect your investment.

If you should need any product assistance, please call us at 877-983-0451.

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