Choose A Tabletop Gas Grill For Portability

Do you have have little space for a full sized grill but cannot live without freshly grilled food? There are some who appreciate their grilled meats and other foods just wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no substitute for a brisket or pork shoulder that’s been lovingly converted from just another cut of meat into a divine dish bursting and dancing with tangy-sweet smoky flavor. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to do justice to a slice of smoked meat, but it’s a hard-won victory for those who just love to grill. It’s not just the food. It's meditation and reflection that goes along with cooking and providing themselves and others with sustenance.

It’s not just the food, although there’s nothing like an expertly grilled meal. It’s a practice and a commitment to learning and betterment. Grill chefs are some of the most committed cooks in the world, not just to the art of the performance but to the science of precise cooking. They know the qualities of their meats, how to brine to retain moisture, how to get the perfect smoke ring and more.

And everyone has their preferences. There are those who won’t grill on anything but charcoal because, as they say, you just can’t get that flavor any other way. But then again, some swear by gas not only because it is efficient but it allows control of temperature and directness of heat that only professionals can attain with charcoal. They have their preferences in brands, styles of grill, and cooking methods and preparation too. But there is one thing that binds them all together, one thing that we all inevitably have in common - their love of grilling.

The love is grilling is so strong that sometimes they need to make compromises in order to grill foods the way they like them. What do they do, then, when they are away from home where they can reach our outdoor kitchens and built-in grills? What do they do when they can’t even access their free-standing grills in the yard? What happens when they’re traveling, camping or tailgating? It could be worse - what choice can you make if you live in a complex where things like charcoal or even standalone grills are not permitted? These situations do occur, and they can be very disappointing when there was a barbecue in the forecast. And even though there are times where the use of charcoal is precluded or it just isn’t practical to bring a full-sized grill along, there is a solution - a tabletop gas grill.

Great For Camping

Many enjoy camping just as much as grilling, and grilling and camping go together just about as well as burgers and beer. Some of the time, people just grill on their campfires, and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a meal cooked on a campfire. But what happens when your campsite has restrictions on open fires? It sounds bizarre, but it does happen. How about when you’ve taken the RV to a campsite and you’ve got the awning out over the table because it’s pouring rain? Good luck getting a fire to thrive in that situation.

The point is, there are just some times that even when enjoying the freedom of camping, it can be difficult or impossible to do your cooking over an open fire but you don’t want to ruin the trip but shorting out on the promise of a good barbecue. Even if it isn’t the conditions that limit you, no one is lugging around a full-sized freestanding grill on their camping trips. Some carry charcoal kettle grills, but if you want even more flexibility and capability in camp, you’ll want to go with a tabletop gas grill. Bring a tabletop gas grill along on your camping trips and you might even forget it’s there, but you’ll always have the safety of a backup, and the flexibility of gas means it will always be at the ready.

Great For Picnics

If you’ve ever been picnicking in a park, you know how restrictive some of those public places can be. Park rules, local ordinances, township regulations and permitting restrictions all converge on innocent would-be barbecues and throw serious wrenches into people’s plans. The rules in parks and other public places are often for more prescriptive than the regulations you’ll find at a campsite, so even if it wasn’t just the weather and the portability you would be concerned with, now you’ll need to conform to the local rules if you want to cook a few burgers.

Not only is it hard to transport grills to and from picnicking locales, but various places also forbid the use of charcoal, lighter fluid and other forms of grills. Some might consider an electric grill as an alternative, but oftentimes these public places are unpowered as well. Where then, do you turn to salvage the dreams of your barbecue? To a tabletop gas grill, that’s where. A tabletop gas grill can turn what would have been a botched barbecue into a success. As long as the location permits portable gas grills, you’re good to go. They’re easy to transport, widely allowed alternatives to other grills, and easy to use. Never miss out on a barbecue venue again when you keep a tabletop gas grill in the truck.

What If Your Complex Doesn’t Allow Grills?

This is an even more common and much less pleasant scenario. Many apartment complexes and other living situations are just as restrictive as parks. Many are more so. It’s not uncommon to hear of living complexes where freestanding grills are entirely forbidden. Some will even post a moratorium on charcoal. Even if you don’t live in such a location, you might find yourself uncomfortably limited when you go to visit friends or families for parties or other gatherings.

The result is severely limiting your freedom to barbecue at such venues. However, many such complexes make exceptions for tabletop grills in gas or electric. Each location has its own rules and regulations and you’ll have to do your homework, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to recover the hopes of a barbecue with the salvation of a tabletop gas grill. If your heart is set on a grilled meal, you might want to keep a tabletop gas grill on hand for scenarios like these. You never know when you might be called on to do a little impromptu grilling and need the convenience and portability of a tabletop grill.

A Tabletop Gas Grill May Be The Answer

In those situations where you just can’t get easy access to a grill or a kitchen with a grill, you may have to pursue other options. Moreover, there are situations in which you will be precluded from grilling over certain fuels or use some styles of grills. In these situations, you may have to turn to a tabletop gas grill in order to keep on grilling. This doesn’t have to be a concession, however, as there are tabletop gas grills on the market today that offer the griller a massive amount of control over the cooking experience, plenty of capacity in space and cooking power, and plenty of other friendly features that serious chefs will just love.

If you have to go with a tabletop gas grill, there’s no reason why should you have to give up most of the features of any other grill you’re used to, and there’s certainly no reason you should have to limit yourself in terms of practicality. Here at The BBQ Depot, we are not only purveyors of the best grills you can buy and providers of the best service in the industry, but we can set you up with a tabletop gas grill for those times when you don’t want to give up grilling but have no other options. Here are a few of the options we offer when you need to find a grill to come along for the ride and you need not just portability, you need full-blown unflinching functionality. Many people might be under the impression that you can’t get serious performance out of tabletop grills, but many of the tabletop grills we offer will surprise you with their suites of features and cooking capacities.

Well that much is good news because when you come to us here at The BBQ Depot, you’ll be surprised at the range of tabletop gas grills we can offer and the mind-blowing capabilities they’ll offer the itinerant grillmaster. We offer grills for the table top that are compact and easy to use, are easy to clean and offer plenty of grilling surface. If you’re looking for such features as the longevity of stainless steel, the powers to resist sticking that porcelain coated grates offer or any other feature, take a look at some of our offerings to find just what you want.

Take a look at our Solaire EV17A Everywhere Portable Grill, a convenient tabletop propane grill that offers an impressive 14000 BTUs of cooking power to bring you the ability to grill on the go. Made of 24 gauge stainless steel for unbelievable durability and resistance to corrosion, this little grill may be small and lightweight, but it’s built to deliver and to last. It offers 155 square inches of cooking space and incorporates technology to help minimize flare ups. It also offers the ability to use 1 pound propane bottles but it can be converted to 20 pound tanks. It’s the perfect addition to your other grill, and you’ll have the flexibility to bring it into many of the scenarios listed above.

If you need a slightly larger grill with a few more ergonomic features and conventional gas cooking, check out our Olympian 4500 Portable Grill, with 160 square inches of cooking space, folding legs and a removable drip tray which is easy to clean. We’d also say it’s easy to assemble, but it comes assembled so you don’t even have to worry about putting it together. It also is made in durable stainless steel construction to give it enhanced resilience against corrosion, wear and dirt.

Go with our Blaze Professional Marine Grade 316L Portable Grill for extra heating capacity and tough construction. It brings 18000 BTUs of cooking power and superior rugged construction to you in a compact format that you could confidently bring with you on all your outdoor forays. The lid locks for convenient transport and even features an integral thermometer for precise control over your cooking.

If you’re looking for a Weber Grill, our Weber Q 2000 LP Gas Grill will serve you faithfully when you can’t cook on your main grill. It offers a whopping 280 square inches of cooking space, porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grates to buck grease and for ease of cleaning, a cast aluminum lid and a glass-reinforced nylon frame to stand up to the knocks of being a portable propane grill.

Whether you like one of these options to set yourself up with a tabletop gas grill, or you’re looking for something with additional features, check out our offerings right here on our site. If you’re not sure what features you’re looking for to help give you the best substitute for your main grill you can always give us a call at 1-877-983-0451 and get our opinion. We have over 60 years of experience with all things related to grills and grilling and we’d be happy to find the grill that’s right for you.

Our excellence in customer service goes far beyond helping you pick the right grill for you, though. You can come to use to help you locate hard to find parts for grills of all different sorts. Whether what you’re looking for goes with a charcoal grill, a gas grill, an infrared grill or otherwise, we can help you find what you’re looking for. We also offer service and repairs on grills, and have technicians on hand to help you out when your grill gives you angst. Stop by our store in Hollywood, Florida to see what we can offer or to get stellar service in grill repair.

by Tracy Hollander on 5th Feb 2020
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