Cleaning and Maintaining your Grill in under 10 min

Keeping your grill clean is essential not only for extending the life of your grill but, also safety in the food you cook as well as making sure that there is structural integrity in the internal parts themselves.

This is a good time to inspect the internal parts of the grill to be sure they are are safe to operate. This includes and gaping holes in the firebox, burners and heat plates. If these are not salvageable, they will need to be replaced. In addition, any rust that will not scrub off your cooking grates will also need to be replaced as these will be unsafe to cook on.

I am sure most of you think that this is a daunting task. It is when fully degreasing a grill. But, did you know, that in less than 5 min you can do a quick cleaning that only required two items? .... a stainless steel scrubber and a vacuum.

13 Steps to Cleaning your gas grill :

1. Turn off the gas 

2. Use a stainless steel scrubber to clean any grease and debris on the cooking grates

3. Scrub the warming Rack

4. Remove the cooking grates and warming rack and set aside

5. Remove your heat shields and use the scrubber to clean them

Tip : By cleaning them over the grill, you contain any debris that falls off. When completed, we will be vacuuming out the firebox.

6. Take the scrubber and wipe down any debris around the firebox

7. Use the scrubber to clean the burners (you do not have to remove the burners in this step) 

8. Take a drill bit or paper clip to thoroughly clean the holes around the burner (keeping the holes in the burner clear from debris is essential to the operation of them as it keeps the flow of gas even through the burner holes. When the burner holes are clogged, more gas is forced through the remaining holes leading to stress crack and holes)

9. Take a wet/dry vacuum and remove all debris around the firebox and burners

10. Install the heat plates and cooking grates

11. Remove the Control Knobs and Spray WD-40 around the valve stems to keep them from seizing

12. Turn on your gas

13. You're ready to grill

In the following video, we will demonstrate this using a Weber Genesis EP-310.

Any parts that need to be replaced may be found at as we stock many replacement parts.

by Tracy Hollander on 10th Oct 2017
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