Don't wait for Spring to Fix your Grill ... The time is now!

Why wait for spring to fix your grill. 

What happens when we put our house chores off? We leave the task to be completed when we really have a nice juicy steak to put on the bbq.

What you should do first is remove all your grill parts from the inside of the fire box.

2. Take a dry vac and suck out all the debris in the firebox.

3. Inspect your burners to be sure that there are no gaping holes for large flames to come through, the rust is minimal and the tiny holes that surround the burner are in tact, clear and uniform, free from any splitting. You can take a tiny drill bit and unclog the holes if you think that grease may be clogging them. 

4. Look at your heat plates are they in tact? These make sure that the flame that comes from your burners spread nice and evenly over the cooking surface. So you want to be sure they are not cracked and in good shape.

5. Take some grill cleaner and wipe the cooking grates down. If you have porcelain grates, be sure there are no chips as when the porcelain comes off, the steel begins to rust (you do not wanting to be eating rust). If you have cast iron grates, be sure that no rust has gone through the entire grid and its not flaking. Stainless Steel is always the best option, only when it's an American made product, as imported grates can rust through.

And if you do not want to clean your grill yourself, we offer bbq cleaning services in South Florida.

If you are not in these areas, shoot us an email or call us at 877-983-0451 and we will give you advice.

by Tracy Hollander on 7th Feb 2015
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