FireMagic vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles Brand Comparison

FireMagic vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles - Which US Made Grill will you Build-in?

FireMagic vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles Grill Comparison

Choosing which Grill Brand to sell can be an overwhelming decision. Number one decision has to be buy a USA Made product from a manufacturer with a longstanding imprint in the market. In this post we will compare three luxury grill brands FireMagic vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles

Each of these brands have a longstanding footprint in the Outdoor Appliance Industry. RH Peterson (FireMagic) having been the longest in business.

As you can see in the illustration, there are similar features with all three brands. The most distinct is burner style. These are very different within the brands. All three brands have an extensive collection of outdoor kitchen components and accessories. There are some aesthetic differences but all three are beautifully designed and engineered.

Luxury Grill Features

Burners - Each of these brands use a different burner style. Firemagic uses a heavy duty cast stainless "E" burner, Lynx has a cast ceramic burner and Twin Eagles has a stainless U. We prefer either the cast stainless or cast ceramic as it provides Better Heat Retention and radiation.

Cooking Grates - These differ from Lynx vs Twin and FireMagic. Lynx uses a cylindrical rod grate while FireMagic has a Diamond Sear and Twin Eagles has a hexagon shaped. What we love about the Diamond Sear is these grates have a smooth flat top with each bar measuring over .35” wide at the top. More food to surface contact. Food cooks faster and more evenly!

Heat Distribution - FireMagic uses a Flavor Grid (which can double as a multi-fuel source by using either wood or charcoal directly on the grids) and both Lynx and Twin Eagles use a Briquette Tray System. We do prefer the ceramic briquettes for there even heat radiating ability but being that FireMagic has the Cast "E" Burner, you will get great radiating heat below the flavor grids.

The ignition Hot Surface in all three. 

Warranty - Very similar with all three lines

One feature you cannot get on any other grill except FireMagic is the optional Magic View Window. You to can see your foods grilling without lifting the hood and heat. It is made of heat-resistant transparent ceramic glass and is designed to operate at temperatures up to 1400°F!

Which Brand do you choose?

FireMagic is manufactured by RH Peterson. They also manufacture AOG, Real Fyre Gas Logs and American Fyre Designs. FireMagic grills were one of the first built-in residential grills to enter the outdoor living space. They have been manufacturing grills for decades.

FireMagic offers six series of grills : Echelon, Aurora, Choice, Legacy, Electric and Charcoal. They have many outdoor kitchen accessories to choose from.

Lynx was one of the first manufacturers to bring commercial quality grilling to the outdoor residential market. They have been manufacturing grills since the late 90's. They were founded by Dale Seiden (who also created Alfresco Grills). Lynx has been at the forefront of innovation for decades. They also offer an impressive line of outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories from griddles to pizza ovens to drawers and drawers. This Line is truly a Professional Chef's dream.

You cannot go wrong with all three. We must say that the customer service you will receive from both Fire Magic and Lynx is Truly Top Notch and should be given the price you pay . In our experience, FireMagic greatly leads the pack with their technical service knowledge. These guys are extremely well trained and helpful! If you need any assistance with Lynx Grills, we are the experts in this brand. We can troubleshoot almost everything on that grill.

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