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Genuine Lynx gas grill replacement brass burners and prosear burners

Exclusive to the Lynx Professional Brand, the cast brass burners hold and radiate a high temperature and are less prone to corrosion.

The Lynx Prosear burner is unlike other infrared burners in the market as their's is variable, allowing restaurant quality performance.

Instructions for replacing a Lynx Brass Burner :

1. Remove the cooking grates and briquette trays and set aside

2. Remove old burner by simply lifting up and pulling up and out

3. Install new burner by placing over end of valve

Tip : If you have a yellow flame or even no flame, you may need to adjust the air shutter at the back of the burner and reinstall until you get a nice blue flame with yellow tips

4. Reinstall cooking grates and briquette trays


Instructions for replacing a Lynx Prosear 2 Burner : 

 1. Remove the cooking grate and set aside

 2. Remove the electrode that placed under the burner screen

3. Lift up and pull out

4. Install new burner by placing over the vale and rest the front on the bracket in the firebox

5. Reinstall the hot surface sear electrode

6. Reinstall the cooking grate

Tip : To clean the Prosear burners, never brush them. Take a vacuum and lightly suck out any debris

LYNX OEM vs Aftermarket Cast Brass Burner Detail

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