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Lynx Grill Replacement Ceramic Briquette Trays are placed over the brass burners to evenly distribute the flame across the grill.

We offer OEM (which are original manufacturers) and aftermarket (which are a high quality lower priced option) trays and ceramic briquettes. See our guide for helping finding yours, or see below for more information.

Models with Clips on Briquettes

Premier series grills did not have clips in their briquette trays so the aftermarket part is an exact fit option. Lynx grills from 2006 forward clips in the briquette trays to keep them from moving are not offered in the aftermarket. The clips will not alter the function of the briquette tray as long as you're not moving your grill around.

Models Include

L27-2002/04, LBQ27, LBQ27F, LBQ27FR, LBQ27FRE-LP L30-2002/04, L30-2005, L30-2006, L30-2007, L30FR, L30R L36-2002/04, L36R, LBQ36, LBQ36R L42, L42R L48VC-BL, LBQ 48FR, LBQ48, L54

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