Grill Review : DCS 36" Grill

Grill Overview

DCS 36" Built-in Grill

The DCS 36" Grill has a sleek design and is available as a Built-in or Freestanding Grill. This luxury grill as a Built-in has an unbelievable price of $2999 and $4999 for the Freestanding model. The cart features 2 drawers and a LP Tank Drawer. On the freestanding grill, the side shelves are optional. We feel they should be included with the cart.

DCS 36" Cart

For a 36" grill, the quality and warranty by a legendary grill brand is unsurpassed! We have been an authorized DCS dealer for almost 2 decades and the brand has yet to disappoint.

Grill Features


Burners : In this grill there are three burners with a BTU rating of 25,000 each. There is also a rotisserie backburner for roasting meats to perfection. These U shaped burners have a lifetime warranty and produce immense heat!

Cooking Grates

Cooking Grates : Our favorite feature on this grill is the cast stainless cooking grates. These are available only on the 36" and 48" grills. They are super heavy duty! They were first introduced as a porcelain coated cast iron grate which has been discontinued and replaced with the stainless. This is a much better option as when the porcelain would chip, the cast iron would rust. The grates have channels on one side that are made to grill more greasy and juicy meats so the grease and channels its way to the grease well (at the front of the grill) avoiding drippings that can flare up underneath them. More delicate meats (like fish) can be grilled on the flip side of the grates. This gives you more grilling flexibility. These grates are sup heavy and also have a lifetime warranty.

DCS Cast Stainless Cooking Grates

Ceramic Radiant Technology

Ceramic Radiant Technology : The ceramic rods are a unique feature offered only by DCS. These rods radiate heat in the same way as ceramic briquettes ... just a different shape. The rods are tubular in design and retain heat evenly throughout the grilling surface.

DCS Ceramic Radiant System

Ignition System

Ignition : The ignition system in the 36" grill is a 9 volt battery powered system that is operated through pressing the control knobs (not a separate switch as in the 30" grill). This is because the valves have a micro-switch on them that the electrode wires are plugged into. This is found on many high end brands including Lynx and Twin Eagles (yet at a much lower price) 

Rotisserie Motor

Rotisserie Motor : DCS has one of the most heavy duty rotisserie motors in the industry. Its unique design comes with a powerful grill light for all of our night time grillers.

DCS Rotisserie Motor

Smoker Tray and Burner

Dedicated Smoker Tray and Burner : Standard on this grill is a dedicated wood chip drawer with dedicated smoker burner to heat the chips (or herbs) and produce mouth watering flavor.

DCS Smoker Drawer

Our Take

At The BBQ Depot, we love DCS and have for years. 

Pros : 

  • Legendary Brand
  • Incredible price
  • World class warranty and support
  • Cast Stainless Cooking Grates
  • High BTU rating per burner
  • Heavy duty U Shaped Stainless Burners

The Cons are simply some of the added luxury features found on its competitors :

  • No control panel illumination
  • Hood assist (the hood is super heavy showing the quality of the stainless!)

We say... if you are looking for a 36" grill, you get the best bang for your buck! You do miss some of the added luxury features, but lets face it, that is what keeps the price point where it is. If you purchase a freestanding model and you decide to build an outdoor kitchen, you can simply remove the grill from the cart and build it in.

Most importantly, if you should need replacement parts you will not have to worry. We still repair original DCS grills. They are built to last a lifetime!

by Tracy Hollander on 7th Apr 2018
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