How to Find AOG Grill Replacement Parts

AOG 30" L Series Built-in Grill

American Outdoor Grills, or AOG Grills, is a company that produces high-quality, beautiful grills right here in the U.S.A. AOG products are manufactured by RH Peterson, the same company known for Fire Magic Luxury Grills.

Each AOG grill is made with commercial-grade stainless parts and a durable frame. But the best part about AOG grills is the accessible price point, which starts at just under $2,000.00.

Another major selling point with AOG grills is flexibility. AOG makes it easy to swap out pieces when you need a repair or an upgrade.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly outdoor kitchen products from a tried-and-true brand, AOG is a great way to go.

Popular AOG Grill Replacement Parts

Here are the most common replacement AOG grill parts you’ll need to maintain your grill or up-level your outdoor kitchen. If you have questions about your grill’s performance or are unsure which part you should purchase for your AOG grill, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you troubleshoot over the phone.

AOG Replacement Burners

Burners are the heartbeat of your grill. Your burner is tasked with the precise job of mixing gas and air to create the perfect setting for combustion. The end result is an even, consistent heat source.

All AOG Grills are equipped with a Center-fed Stainless U Burner. They have used the same style burner since they introduced the grill. There is a difference, though, between the old  and new U Burners. The new burners have pegs that stick up to support the Vaporizing Panel whereas, the older burners did not have these pegs. This is because there were feet on the vaporizing panels. If you have a older AOG, you will be using burners that have these pegs. The OEM and aftermarket burners both have the pegs on them.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your AOG grill burners?

When you notice an uneven flame distribution on your grill, gas port holes are cracked or if you see large flames coming from holes, it may be time to replace your burners. When you’re grilling, keep an eye on the burner itself — if you see large flames coming from it, it’s probably time for a new one.

If you’re looking for a new burner for your AOG grill, you’re in the right place. At The BBQ Depot, we sell both an AOG main burner (sourced from the company itself) as well as an aftermarket burner made for 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch grills.

Ready for a little more heat? If you have an Older AOG (battery ignition) or an L series Grill, you can give your grill an upgrade with The AOG Infra-Red Sear Burner which replaces one stainless steel burner and is perfect for restaurant-quality caramelization. NOTE : You can only only change one U burner for an infrared.

While you’re replacing your burners, you should take a look at your burner clips for any rust or damage. These pieces hold your burners firmly in place and are important if your grill is on a cart and you move the grill around. If it is a built-in, you can do without them. If they could also use replacement, you can get them for about $7.00.

AOG Replacement Cooking Grids

AOG Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

Your grill’s cooking grid is the part you’re probably the most familiar with — it’s literally the cooking surface. The pattern of your cooking grid will influence the all-important sear on your food and will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen.

When should you consider replacing your cooking grid? There are some signs to look out for:

  1. Rust - If you’re seeing rust on the cooking surface, you may be able to clean it off. If the rust has penetrated the rod, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Rust is not good to injest plus it gives your meals a gross metallic taste.
  2. Chipping - Older grids, particularly porcelain ones, can chip. Obviously, you don’t want to ingest those chips, so this is a pretty important thing to look out for. Fortunately with AOG, all grills came standard with Stainless Grids. The Porcelain coated steel and cast iron are found in their sister company FireMagic.
  3. Difficult to Clean - Over time, cleaning becomes more difficult, which can lead to unsafe cooking surfaces. Your cooking and mealtime experiences will go much more smoothly with clean, fully intact cooking grids.

If you’re looking for replacement grids (also known as ‘grates’, or ‘racks’), stainless steel is the standard in all AOG Grills. Stainless grids are easy to maintain, and they’re relatively affordable. 

The older AOG Grills had cylindrical rods where the new grills come standard with the Diamond Sear Grids (that were only offered in FireMagic). AOG has both style of cooking grates for replacement and they are priced the same.

The  Diamond Sear cooking grids, which feature smooth, flat tops (instead of rounded bars). These are great for achieving a fast, even cook and they’re finished with a matte surface, which provides a modern feel. They provide more food to surface contact for more even grilling.

AOG replacement cooking grids vary in cost, especially between the OEM and aftermarket.

AOG Replacement Ignitors

AOG T series Electrode Igniter

The grill ignitor produces the spark that makes the gas (propane or natural) burn, allowing your burner to heat your grill. AOG has used 3 types of ignition in their grills : battery, flame thrower and electric.

Older models AOG grills used a battery ignition module with either 2 or 4 ports depending on the amount of burners. 

Current  AOG grills have two types of ignitors or ignition systems. The AOG “L” Series uses a battery-free electronic push-button system, and the AOG “T” Series leverage a piezo push-to-light ignition system.

Ignition systems can depend on quite a few moving parts. Of course, any time there are moving parts, there is an increased likelihood of failure. On our replacement ignitors page, you’ll find pieces from simple ignitor buttons to replacement wires, electrodes, switches, and spark generators.

Depending on the part you need, you’ll see a price range from about $12.00 (for switches and wires) to $70.00 (for the whole ignitor).

AOG Replacement Vaporizing Panels

AOG Vaporizing Panels

For AOG grills, a vaporizing panel is the heat shield that helps disperse flames from your heat source — the burner — all the way across the cooking surface. These waffled plates are made out of stainless steel, and they ensure your grill has consistent, fully-distributed heat. When the vaporizing panels are in good shape, there shouldn’t be overly hot or cool spots on your grill.

These panels can take a beating. They receive direct heat from below, and they protect your burners from grease and drippings from above. Over time, your panels will need to be replaced.

At The BBQ Depot, we stock OEM and aftermarket vaporizing panels in a variety of sizes. To avoid purchasing the wrong size panel, we recommend removing your current panel from your grill and comparing its measurements to the specifications we list on our site.

Vaporizing panels range in price from $45.00 to $86.00, mainly depending on size and whether you choose aftermarket or OEM. The OEM options are offered packs of panels, should your grill require more than one.

AOG Replacement Rotisserie Parts

A rotisserie for your grill gives you the ability to cook veggies, meat, and more on a constantly-revolving spit. Many gas grill manufacturers have rotisserie attachment options, including AOG.

If you enjoy kebabs or evenly-cooked, juicy meat, a rotisserie is the way to go. As an addition to an outdoor kitchen, a rotisserie is a great way to raise your grilling game from hamburgers and hotdogs to perfectly-basted and seared meats, while implementing a mostly hands-off cooking method.

Since your rotisserie will depend on smooth, consistent rotation and specific heat placement, there are a few puzzle pieces to put together for reliable functionality. These parts include rotisserie motors, light brackets, and a variety of spit rods and prongs.

The cost for these replacement parts will vary from $10.00 (for a light bracket) to $40.00 (for a spit rod).

AOG Replacement Valves and Orifices

Valves and orifices help control how gas flows from the source to your grill. When you’re operating a gas grill, the flow of the proper amount of gas is critical in order for your grill to function well (and for you to be safe!).

Valves are small metal parts that attach to the manifold in your grill. Orifices are brass fittings made to attach to valves. Think of valves and orifices like parts of a door: They can be open, closed, or slightly ajar. When you’re ready to cook, you turn on (open) the valve to allow gas to flow through the valves and orifices in the correct way.

If these pieces are in good repair, exactly the right amount of gas will be transferred from the source to your burners. If they’re not, you may be at risk for a dangerous situation.

It’s important for these pieces to work with the exact specifications of your grill, so each brand tends to have its own valves and orifices.

At The BBQ Depot, we carry AOG main burner valves, Flame thrower valves and a valve manifold replacements (for special order).

We also carry the orifices you need to make sure your AOG grill works well and conversion kits to assist with the transition between propane and natural gas. The prices for valves, orifices, and related replacement parts range from $3.00 (for a simple brass valve) to $345.00 (for a 36” valve manifold).

AOG Replacement Warming Racks

A warming rack provides an easily accessible place for you to place food inside your grill so it stays warm between cooking and eating. It should hang about five inches from your heat source when the grill is closed.

Pro tip: Warming racks are also a great place to toast buns for hamburgers and hotdogs, or even reheat leftovers, so everything’s hot and ready to eat when your main course is finished.

Since your warming rack hangs in the main area of your grill, it’ll be exposed to meat drippings and constant heat. You should clean warming racks on a regular basis to extend their life, but like cooking grids, they’ll wear down over time.

When you see rust on your warming rack, it’s time to get a new one. Fortunately, purchasing a  replacement warming rack is simple. We offer 24”, 30”, and 36” racks, each perfectly sized for AOG grills. Each size costs around $100.00.

AOG Miscellaneous Replacement Parts

As we’ve seen, a functional AOG grill requires a lot of pieces. Along with the main categories of grill accessories and parts we’ve touched on in this guide, there are many other smaller parts you may need to purchase from time to time.

These include replacement grill knobs, drip trays, thermometers, and even replacement hoods for your grill. Over time, as you use your grill, you’ll notice when a hinge doesn’t quite work right, or if a light bulb begins flickering. When this happens, head to our  AOG replacement parts page to pick up the piece you need.

In this section, you’ll find the prices range drastically, from $15.00 for a simple knob to $430.00 for a replacement hood.

Why We Love AOG Grills

People love grilling because it allows them to cook for their friends and family in the relaxed atmosphere of their own backyards. AOG provides high-quality tools allowing people to do just that. What’s more, AOG customers consistently enjoy:

  • Versatility - AOG offers three different sizes of grills, with both built-in and portable models.
  • Customizations - With an AOG grill, people can purchase a high-quality base model or decide to invest in rotisseries, side burners, warming racks, and more to fit their unique lifestyle.
  • Aesthetics - The grill hoods have a good heft to them, and their silhouettes are rounded and sleek.
  • Affordability - AOG offers a premium American-made product for relatively affordable prices. Additionally, AOG uses high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is low-maintenance and lasts a long time.

Even with smaller AOG grills, you’ll enjoy a large cooking surface even without additional kits and burners. You can prepare your entire meal — leveraging different cooking techniques — all on one grill.

AOG also makes it easy to build the  outdoor kitchen of your dreams. From storage to built-in side burners, gourmet drawers, and even island bundles, you’ll find everything you need to make your back patio a gourmet cooking space.

Finding the AOG Grill Parts You Need

Are you ready to take the next step towards fun outdoor cookouts and the ability to cook great food in your backyard? At The BBQ Depot, we proudly stock the grills, replacement parts, and accessories you need. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’d be happy to order parts for you.

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to use the search bar at the top of the website. If you still can’t find it, please don’t hesitate to call us.

The BBQ Depot is here to assist with more than just high-quality grilling equipment. If you need to learn how to properly care for your gas grill, or want to take advantage of some quick cleaning tips, check out ourI.Q. Learning Center for the reliable information you need.

No matter what your cooking or grilling needs may be, you can count on us for quick support and friendly expertise. Give us a call at 1-877-983-0451 or contact us online for grill recommendations, troubleshooting, our favorite BBQ recipes, and more.

by Tracy Hollander on 14th Jan 2022
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