How to Find Twin Eagles Grill Parts

At The BBQ Depot, we get regular calls from customers looking for replacement parts for their luxury grills.

We sell high-end brands like Twin Eagles, Delta Heat (by Twin Eagles), Viking, Solaire, Alfresco, Artisan (by Alfresco), and many more, so we’re a great resource for people who own (or want to own) these grills.

To that end, we stock genuine brand-name replacement parts for each brand —  let’s face it: at some point, you’ll need to replace something on your grill.

It doesn’t matter which brand you choose — a top-of-the-line product from a luxury brand like Twin Eagles or Viking, or something on the lower end of the spectrum — eventually, something will break.

We carry the entire line of Twin Eagles replacement parts so you don’t have to look at multiple stores to conduct your search. And of course, if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll order it for you.

Here’s what you need to know about Twin Eagles replacement parts, what you can expect to pay for the parts you need, and how to extend the life of your grill.

Which Twin Eagles Grill Do You Have?

Twin Eagles TEBQ-36R Built-in Grill

Before you can get replacement grill parts for your Twin Eagles barbecue, you need to figure out which exact grill you own. The current Twin Eagles lineup is 30" (2 main burners), 36" (3 main burners), 42" (3 main burners) and 54" (4 main burners). You can locate the model number by pulling your grease tray forward and looking on the bottom. 

If you know when you bought your Twin Eagles grill, that may help you figure out which series you have. The current model is called the TEBQ and has been in production since March 2008. In 2017, they started including a rotisserie motor standard, so that may help narrow your window.

Within this model, there are three series of TEBQ:

The older model was called the TPBQ and includes any Twin Eagles grill made in 2007 or prior. These grills have a battery spark ignition.

More visual changes that can help you determine which model you have include:

  • Differences in the blue LED lights on the front panel (they were redesigned)
  • New and improved hood
  • Different hood switch
  • Hot surface ignition
  • Redesigned motor bracket and thermometer

These changes may not be as evident to you, but if you send us pictures, we can help you figure it out.

Twin Eagles Gas Grill Replacement Parts

Twin Eagles also manufactures the Delta Heat brand, which offers the same high quality, but at a lower price. Because they’re both manufactured by the same company, some parts are interchangeable between the two brands.

Of course, this isn’t possible for all gas grill replacement parts, so be sure to check the product page for your specific model number. And of course, you can always give us a call and we’ll help you.

Twin Eagles Briquette Tray Replacements

Twin Eagles Briquette Tray Assembly

Briquettes and trays tend to take a beating. For one, they’re constantly hot since it’s their job to spread the heat from the flame all over the grill. But they’re also below the cooking grates, which means grease and food bits will inevitably drop on them and fire is directly below them. So regardless of the grill you purchase, you will always have to replace this type of part.

Over time, the trays may begin to disintegrate or the briquettes may begin to crumble. When this happens, it’s time to replace them.

Twin Eagles manufactures briquette trays alone if that is all that needsd to be replaced or as an assembly with the briquettes in them.

A set of 12 briquettes starts at about $36.00.

You may want to consider buying a briquette tray when you buy more briquettes, or you could buy the entire assembly. That way, you’re prepared for when the next grill part needs to be replaced. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place until they’re needed.

Twin Eagles Replacement Burners

Twin Eagles U Burner

Twin Eagles makes two current styles of burners in the TEBQ models and one for the older Extreme : U-burners, infrared sear burners, and the TXBQ main burner (for the Extreme grill). These burners range in price from about $120.00 to $300.00.

Twin Eagles not only makes replacement burners, they also have burner kits available if you simply want to change one of the burner styles from blue flame to a sear burner or vice versa or just to have a different burner style in case you want a change. The kits range in price from about $300.00 to $390.00.

When maintained properly, Twin Eagles gas grill burners could last for years, if not a lifetime. However, if they do need to be replaced, it’s easy to do yourself — it’s a matter of one bracket and a screw.

Twin Eagles Replacement Cooking Grids

Twin Eagles Hex Cooking Grates

Twin Eagles’ trademark hex grates come in three different sizes depending on your model grill: 10 inches, 12 inches, and 13 inches. The hexagon shape (as opposed to a circle, like most grill grates) allows for better heat retention and a larger portion of the food to make contact with the hot surface.

This combination helps food cook more evenly, and creates enviable sear marks that will make you look like a professional chef.

To make this particular Twin Eagles grill part last as long as possible, be sure to keep it clean (once it cools, of course).

How often you need to clean them really depends on the amount of sauce you use or how fatty the meats are you are grilling.

Twin Eagles Replacement Igniters

The igniter is one of the most confusing gas grill parts to replace if you don’t know what you need. Electrodes, flash tubes, spark ignition modules, microswitches and hood collector boxes may be complicated enough to make it worth hiring someone to do it for you. (We can do that, if you’d like or even assist in troubleshooting the exact part.)

Twin Eagles gas grill ignitors and components are one of the cheaper repairs that may be required over the years. Prices range from about $30.00 to $65.00.

Twin Eagles Replacement Knobs

Another relatively inexpensive gas grill part that needs to be replaced every so often is the knobs. Knobs may be damaged when you’re moving your freestanding grill, or if something hits them with enough force. People who live in harsh climates may find that flying debris cracks the knobs if it hits them just right.

Of course, mischievous kids could take them off and lose them.

A regular Twin Eagles chrome knob starts at about $29.00. A knob and bezzle assembly is closer to $167.00. The other common knob on Twin Eagles gas grills is for the illuminated light switch, which costs about $64.00.

Twin Eagles Smoker Box Replacement

Twin Eagles makes two different size smoker box assemblies — small and large. Using wood chips or chunks (hickory is popular), or even herbs and spices in a smoker box can help flavor your food.

These extra gas grill parts each cost about $150.00.

Twin Eagles Valve Replacements

Gas valves are grill parts that take a lot of wear and tear. It’s also very important that they’re well-maintained and functioning properly because gas leaks are dangerous.

Twin Eagles manufactures a few different gas valves ranging in price from about $46.00 to $60.00.

This section is where you’ll find conversion kits for turning your propane gas grill into a natural gas grill and vice versa.

Twin Eagles Warming Rack Replacements

Everyone needs this particular gas grill part: a good warming rack to keep cooked food nice and hot until everyone is ready to eat.

Twin Eagles warming racks come in four different sizes, according to the size of the grill you own — 30 inches, 32 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. They range in price from about $90.00 to $110.00.

Twin Eagles Miscellaneous Replacement Parts

There are always going to be gas grill parts that don’t fit very neatly into a category. Here are the miscellaneous Twin Eagles replacement parts we sell at The BBQ Depot:

  • Halogen light assembly
  • Hood bumpers (set of 4)
  • Grill transformer assembly
  • Bulk regulator
  • Sear Zone flash tube
  • Teppanyaki & Breakfast Club thermostat
  • Wire harness assembly
  • LED wire harness assembly
  • Hood spacers
  • Zone dividers

The price range for these items varies widely, starting at about $20.00 and going up to $175.00.

How Do I Know I Need to Replace, Rather Than Repair My Twin Eagles Grill?

There comes a time when every grill owner has to decide when it’s time to replace their grill. Rest assured when you invest in a Twin Eagles Grill, it can last a lifetime with proper care. Many parts are warrantied for life (for the orginal owner only). Labor may get expensive depending on the parts that need to be replaced. 

We find if someone is replacing their Twin Eagles Grill, it is because they want the latest and greatest model that may have new upgraded features or something catastrophic has happened like a fire or damage from a move.

Usually, with these grills, the parts you will need to replace the most is a briquette tray and maybe a hot surface igniter as the metal probes are fragile but these parts are easy to install for any do-it-yourselfer.

Investing in a high end grill is just that, an investment that will last decades!

Sometimes, people are able to hang onto the same grill for so long because the body and housing is in perfect shape. Though, we have found with longstanding grill manufacturers like Lynx, some of the older grills (from 1997 to 2002) have some replacement parts that are no longer available. In this instance, you may have no choice but to replace the grill.

If you’re trying to make this decision for yourself, give us a call and we can help you figure out how much you might need to spend to repair your grill. If you have a ballpark estimate, you may find your decision a bit easier to make.

Extend the Life of Your Twin Eagles Gas Grill

Do not throw in the towel on your grill — or if you’re going to buy a new one and want to make it last as long as possible — there’s one secret you should know.

It may not seem flashy or exciting, but the true secret to keeping a grill for years on end (if not a decade) is by conducting regular cleaning and maintenance.

Before each use, make sure you’re doing a visual sweep. Look inside the grill for anything that isn’t supposed to be there, check the lines, and make sure you don’t have anything building up on your valves.

After you’re done, let the grill cool completely and then scrape off the grates and keep a cover on it so it’s protected from the elements.

At least once per year (or twice — once at the beginning of grilling season and once at the end), conduct a proper deep cleaning and inspection of the entire grill. This is a good time to order replacement parts so you have them ready and available when you need them.

Don’t Forget Your Warranty

If you’re ordering new parts, check your Twin Eagles warranty information. You may find that the part you need to replace is covered, which will save you money.

Regardless of the warranty, proper cleaning and maintenance can be instrumental in a warranty request being fulfilled. If you’ve neglected your gas grill, any manufacturer has the right to withhold warranty coverage based on lack of adequate care. Warranty is against manufacturer defects not lack of care.

Are You Ready to Order Your Gas Grill Parts?

If you’re confident you know what you need and are ready to order your gas grill parts, go ahead and add them to your cart. We’ll get them ready and ship them out to you as soon as possible.

However, if you’re still unclear as to what Twin Eagles grill part you need for your specific model, we’re more than happy to help you.

You can give us a call anytime the store is open, or you can stop by our Hollywood, Florida showroom if you’re in the area. We’re open six days a week, but if you miss us, you can leave us a message or email us.

The BBQ Depot has been in business for decades now. Between us, we have over 50 years of experience, which means we’re very familiar with every grill brand you could possibly think of.

In fact, we’ve been known to help troubleshoot grill problems with customers over the phone. (It doesn’t hurt that we’re pretty passionate about grilling.)

If you still need information we haven’t provided here, please browse the wealth of information in our I.Q. Learning Center, drop us a line, or give us a ring. We’d love to help you get your Twin Eagles grill back up and running.

by Tracy Hollander on 14th Oct 2021
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