Lynx OEM and Aftermarket Burner Detail

Lynx (up until 2018 when they introduced the cast ceramic burner) has been known for their heavy duty cast brass burners. Brass is a great heat conductor giving the ability to hold hotter temperatures in the grill which is what Lynx is known for. 

There are two OEM Lynx Burners 11012 and 30485. The 11012 burners were used in the LBQ 0,1 and E series Grills while the 30485 have been used in the all L model grills from series E to Q.

There is a slight difference between the 2 OEM Burners. There are air port holes across the top of the 30485 burner where there are none in the 11012 burner

Lynx OEM Brass Burner and Aftermarket

In the picture above, you have the aftermarket burner LYXBR, the center burner is the 30485 and on the right is the 11012.

If you look at the burners toward the end of the tube (by the air shutter) you will see the row of gas ports across the top of the burner in the aftermarket and the 30485. These ports are designed to allow the burner to light quicker and spread the flame around the burner faster. There is no difference in the performance or temperatures. 

In addition, the burners have the same length and width.

The aftermarket is more of a replacement for the 30485 burner as the gas port holes are located in the same location at the top of the burner.

The feet at the top of the burner provide support for the briquette trays

The burner is installed with gas port holes facing up. 

Lynx Cast Brass Air Shutter

Each of the three burners have a metal air shutter that is attached with a screw that turn to open or close the amount of air that will get mixed with gas. These are adjusted to get a even blue flame with yellow tips. The burner is molded with two openings as the air shutter to allow the shutter to expose or close off the openings at the end of the venturi.

The valve fits into the center hole of the air shutter.

Lynx OEM and aftermarket bottom burner detail

Both the OEM and the aftermarket burners have feet at the bottom of the burner which provided support when the burner sits in the firebox in the older models while those feet sit in a burner hangar in the newer grills. This keeps the burner steady.

There is an aftermarket cast iron burner that fits DCS and Lynx. The Burner looks very similar to the OEM but is 16" long. Though it will fit in the Lynx as pictured below, you will see it sits much shorter (4" to be exact) in the grill than the OEM which is 17" long. You will feel a heat difference at the back of the grill.

Cast Iron Aftermarket Burner in the Lynx Grill     Lynx Brass Burner in Grill

Which burner do you get?

Definitely not the cast iron burner. 

The main difference between the OEM and aftermarket is the Lynx embossed logo on the burners. 

Any of the 3 burners will work in all the Lynx Grills though having genuine OEM parts will always assure the best performance from your grill.

by Tracy Hollander on 1st Jun 2018
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