Create an Open Air Outdoor Dining Experience ... Alfresco Style

Alfresco is defined as eating in the open air. It's no wonder the industry's most luxurious outdoor equipment to name their product line Alfresco. 

Alfresco is Made in the USA with the highest quality materials to last a lifetime! The have created a complete line equipment to create a complete open air culinary experience. 

Their assortment of restaurant quality outdoor equipment offers everything a professional chef would dream of. You will never want to cook indoors again! 


Grilling Accessories

Specialty Cooking



Cocktail Stations

outdoor kitchen layout

Follow these Steps in Creating your Ultimate Alfresco Outdoor Entertaining Center :

1. Choose your Grill

Alfresco offers 4 sizes (30", 36", 42" and 56") that will accommodate all your entertaining needs.


  • 18SR Stainless Burner - Dual Row, double-lanced ports delivers optimal flame distribution
  • Optional Sear Zone - Gets up to 1500 degrees in four minutes. Caramelizes your food for delectable even heat and authentic steakhouse results
  • 5,000 BTU dedicated smoker burner with integrated smoke box - This feature allows for cold smoke capabilities. Drawer holds large chunks of wood and emits smoke at 200° to food zones.
  • Refractive Ceramic Briquettes - 5-Way Heat Distributing briquettes eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Heavy duty 3 /8” round stainless steel rod cooking grates feature a special nonstick electro-polished finish
  • Built in Rotisserie motor - Chain driven with 120 lb torque
  • Heat protected wiring
  • Air cooling system - Keeps knobs cool
  • 15 ways of cooking - Grill, Bake, Steam, Sear, Braise, Fry, Boil, Roast, Griddle, Teppanyaki, Wok, Blanche, Smoke, Cold Smoke, Rotisserie (Accessories will be needed)
  • Thicker stainless 14-16 gauge
  • Built in spring assist - Exclusive Hood-Assist System with hidden spiral torsion system made of non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Free grill cover


The  ALXE-30 30" Grill has two main burners, integrated smoking system and built-in Rotisserie. This grill is great for a family of 4-6 that does not entertain large gatherings. The grilling space is 542 sq. in. with an additional 3 position warming rack.

This model is offered in all blue flame or as a hybrid (one U burner and one sear zone). We recommend choosing all blue flame in this model as you greatly reduce your open flame grilling space when you add the sear burner. If a sear zone is a must, we recommend going to a 36" model.

Alfresco ALXE-30 Built-in Grill


The  ALXE-36 36" Grill has three main burners, integrated smoking system and built-in Rotisserie. This grill is great for a family of 6-8 that entertains frequently. The grilling space is 600 sq in with an additional 3 position warming rack.

This is our most popular model. It is available with three open flame U burners or 2 U burners and a sear zone.

Alfresco ALXE-36


The  ALXE-42 42" Grill has three main burners, integrated smoking system and built-in Rotisserie. This grill is great for a family of 8-10 and frequently entertains with large gatherings. The grilling space is 770 sq in with an additional 3 position warming rack.

This model is available with three open flame U burners or 2 U burners and a sear zone.

Alfresco ALXE-42 Built-in Grill


The  ALXE-56 / ALXE-56BFG 56" Grill has three main burners, integrated smoking system, built-in Rotisserie and Double Side Burner all in one firebox. This grill is essentially a 42" grill with a double side burner built in one. This great for a family of 8-10 and frequently entertains with large gatherings. The grilling space is 770 sq in with an additional 3 position warming rack.

Alfresco ALXE-56 Built-in Grill with Double Side Burner

The ALXE-56BFG (Big Flipping Grill) - has four main burners with three U burners and a sear zone. The grilling space is 990 sq. in. This grill is amazing for large families, the weekend entertainer or the griller who wants the biggest and baddest.

Alfresco ALXE-56 Built-in Grill

2. Add Optional Grilling Accessories

Expand your grilling horizon with the accessories made exclusively for your Alfresco Grill. These accessories will expand your open-air outdoor experience.

    Alfresco Steamer Fryer Accessory

  • Solid Fuel Insert - Fill with your favorite wood or lump charcoal real wood flavor. Simply drop in the grill and place the cooking grate (from your grill) and cook away!

    SFI-POD Alfresco Solid Fuel Insert
  • Commercial Griddle - 3/16" thick griddle is great for teppanyaki, pancakes or fajitas. This is a super popular and useful accessory.
    Alfresco Grill Griddle Accessory
  • Indirect Roasting Pod This accessory is great for turning your grill into a roasting oven. Using the drip pan (provided with your grill) for self basting.

Alfresco Indirect Roasting Pod

  • Wind Guard - If you are surrounded by windy conditions, you may want to add a wind guard. This will help stop the wind blowing the open (blue) flame.
  • Insulated Jacket - This is a MUST have if you are Building your outdoor kitchen out of any combustible materials.

In our opinion, you will most likely get the most use out of the Solid Fuel Insert or the Griddle. Unless you are a super adventurous cook, you may like the indirect roasting pod. We would not get the fryer just due to the shallowness of it. 

3. Choose Specialty Cooking Equipment

Add the industry’s largest selection of restaurant inspired outdoor kitchen equipment to perfectly compliment your Alfresco Grill. Specialty Cooking Accessories spices up your outdoor kitchen repertoire. We feel the two most useful accessories is the Versa Cooker or a Side Burner. We are seeing outdoor Pizza Ovens gaining popularity so, you may want to consider adding that unit. 

Versa Power System

Alfresco Versa Cooker System

You may have heard of a Power Burner offered by other brands. None compares to the versatility offered by Alfresco's Versa Burner.

This cooker has huge varying temperature options from 400 to 65,000 BTUs allowing for complete heat control. The uniquely designed heavy-duty grate can accommodate small saucepans to 100 quart stock pots.

Brass Center Burner Adjusts from 400 to 20,000 BTUs

Outer burner adjusts from 5,000 to 45,000 BTUs

Turn them both on and reach 65,000 BTUs

Now for the best part... the amazing accessories you can add to this cooker that truly puts the "Versa" in Versatility! Remove the round center grid and add a commercial wok for traditional Asian cooking or the commercial griddle for authentic teppanyaki or breakfast griddling!

We suggest, when building in this unit, to build lower than the counter top. This way if you would use a tall stock pot, you can safely see what's cookin!

Side Burners

Alfresco offers two types of side-burners, Alfresco Side Burners - a traditional double side burner (just like the burners on your stove) or a self contained Sear Zone.

TIP : If you purchase the griddle for the grill, you can also use it for the side burner. This is great if you want to whip up a quick breakfast or even grilled cheeses without turning on your grill.

The traditional double burner is like bringing your indoor stove outdoors. Heat sauces, beans or even boil pasta. Everything you can do on your indoor stove you can do on this unit.

Alfresco Built-in Double Side Burner

Sear Zone Side Burner - This is great if you want a self contained sear station vs trading a main burner.

Alfresco Sear Zone Side Burner

If choosing between the Versa Cooker or a Double Side Burner, I would go with the Versa Cooker simply because it will do everything a double side burner will do and more!

Pizza Oven
Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus

The Alfresco Pizza Oven is the latest craze in outdoor cooking today. This oven does more than create perfect Neapolitan Pizzas! It heats in 15 minutes and bakes, roasts and even iron-skillet sears. Truly the worlds most versatile gas powered pizza oven! If you hate they way your house smells after cooking certain foods... this is a great alternative to your indoor oven... Leave the stink outside.

The gas log distributes heat up to the ceramic ceiling slab for intense top-down heat. High-quality ceramic hearth radiates heat.

This oven is available as a countertop or can be built-in.

Warming Drawer

Alfresco Built-in 30" Warming Drawer

Adding an electric warming drawer is great if you want to heat bread, keep your freshly grilled food warm or even warm up your plates.

After you make all of your choices, we can assist you on placing your items for ultimate functionality.

Sterno Powered Food Warmer

Alfresco Food Warmer / Steamer

We would not suggest this accessory for the occasional entertainer or home griller. It is perfect for those who entertain a lot for large parties and need to have select condiments and side dishes warm. Includes three pans with covers and a pull out drawer for sterno cans.

4. Choose Outdoor Refrigeration / Cooling

Having ice cold beverages is real convenience when dining outdoors. Nothing like eating mouthwatering hamburgers and chasing it down with a refreshing beer only to have nothing within reach.

Alfresco has a selection of commercial quality refrigeration options.

All feature Stainless Steel Construction Inside and Out, Flash Recovery System Quickly Cools Internal Temperature, User-Friendly Digital Control with Lighted Display and Door-Activated Internal Lighting

Under Grill Refrigerator

The Alfresco under Grill Refrigerator with Drawers is probably one of the coolest (literally) refrigerators I have seen! This unit features Fully front venting with commercial Polyurethane Foam Insulation and adjustable temperature from 27 to 56 degrees for deep cooling.

The left side of the unit (door section) feature 2 shelves and the right side feature two refrigerated drawers that are great for marinating.

Why is a front vent on a refrigerator important? Allows the unit to breathe. If the unit is rear vented, you will have to vent the rear of your island. Otherwise the heat will build in the cabinet and burn the motor.

Alfresco under Grill Refrigerator with Drawers

Under Counter Refrigerator

This is a 7.25 cf under counter refrigerator that easily converts to a keggerator simply by adding the optional kit.

Alfresco Undercounter Refrigerator

Under Counter Ice Drawer

For whatever reason, outdoor ice makers never last here in South Florida so we always recommend insulated ice drawers for storing ice. This unit features all stainless steel construction, a stainless pan which holds 32 lbs. of ice and four condiment pans. Remove the pan and use as a large ice drawer. This is a great accessory to have so your never at a loss for an ice cold beverage.

5. Choose your Storage Options

Alfresco Storage Options

Planning for storage components is essential in every outdoor kitchen. Alfresco offers everything you need to for adequate outdoor storage. They have a large selection of  Double and Single Doors, Trash Drawers, Drawers, Sealed Pantries

We suggest (at least) :

1. Double Doors or combo Door/Drawer unit to go under the grill. 

2. Adding a double or triple drawer unit is great underneath a side burner to have all your tools within reach.

3. Adding a trash drawer. Nothing better than having a waste bin within reach!

If you choose a Versa Cooker, add a Versa Accessory Drawer to store your Cooker Accessories. 

6. Choose your Bar/Sink Options

Cocktail Stations or Sinks have become a staple in outdoor kitchens today. Alfresco loves Versatility (and so do we) and they did not stop when creating the Versa Sink. 

Nothing better than getting product uses ... Saves money!

The Versa Sink is offered in 14, 24 and 30 inch units. (faucets sold separately)

The 14" can be used a sink basin or transform into a cocktail station with the included 10” wide speed rail and sliding ice cover

Alfresco 14" Versa Sink  cocktail stations

The 24" unit includes a 14” wide speed rail, bottle opener, 4- bottle well with holder tray and sliding ice cover

Alfresco 24" Versa Sink

The 30" unit is the basin alone (no faucet even though one is pictured) . The bar accessories can be purchased individually or as a package.

Alfresco 30" Versa Sink

Do not feel overwhelmed. Not every product will fit everyone's backyard or lifestyle. We are here to help you select what works for your lifestyle.

We love Alfresco Equipment and have been building and designing outdoor kitchens with their equipment for over a decade. We also have been servicing their product for just as long and they are by far the easiest and one of the  least troublesome grills in the industry.

The most Popular Combination (and most useful) we sell here in South Florida is 36" Grill, Versa Cooker and Drawer Accessory, Trash Drawer, Combo Door/Drawer unit (for under grill), Versa Sink, Single Door and Refrigerator.

Alfresco Equipment

There is a reason why Alfresco leads the industry in luxury and product offerings. There grills are the most thoughtfully designed and easiest to repair. If you need any assistance putting together your ultimate dream open air kitchen... we are the experts to call! 

We not only sell the grills, but we service them as well. We stock a large selection of  repair parts for all generations of Alfresco Grills (AGBQ, ALX and AXE).

How does Alfresco compare to Lynx? or Twin Eagles? We Feel the top 2 Grills at this time are Alfresco and Twin Eagles. Why? The quality of all three products are equal. 

Alfresco's prices are less for more features including the Integrated Rotisserie Motor which is a huge plus. You only find this feature in Alfresco and Twin Eagles. In the Lynx, you have to store the exterior mounted rotisserie motor when not in use. 

Alfresco uses heat protected wiring which is super important on the high end grills that provide higher heat. In addition, the cooling system is a huge plus. In the end you cannot go wrong with any of the brands.  

by Tracy Hollander on 16th Feb 2021
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