Summerset Grill Model Comparison

Summerset started as a line of imported grills and have vastly expanded not only their outdoor appliance offerings but also where they are manufactured. These guys have over 20 years in the business and they wanted to create a Brand of Grills that offered not only value but quality,

Currently only the Sizzler and the TRL Grills are imported.

The Builder, Alturi and American Muscle Grills as well as many of their outdoor kitchen components (Madera and Storage Solutions) are now manufactured in the USA!Made in the USA

In this article, we will compare the models and features. See the full infographic (bottom) comparing the models and features of the Summerset Grill Line.

Summerset Madera Line


All of the Summerset Grills feature a push-to-turn flame thrower ignition (this means no battery or electricity to power the igniters) and utilize a ceramic briquette heat disbursement system (except the AMG American Muscle Grill). They also have one of the best warranties (and customer service) in the industry!

Sizzler Series

The Sizzler Series is Summerset's most economical grill is one of the imported lines. The Sizzler is a basic gill without bells and whistles while the Sizzler PRO features LED lit control knobs, interior halogen lights, heat zone separators and cast stainless burners (vs. Stainless Tube in the Sizzler). All Sizzler Grills feature a infrared rotisserie back burner with the exception of the 26". They offer alot of bang for your buck especially when compared to Blaze.

TRL Series

The TRL Series was created as a direct replacement grill for old BBQ Galore Turbo Models. This imported model features alot luxury features at an affordable price. This grill features halogen interior lights, LED front panel lighting, a rear infrared rotisserie burner, briquette heat diffusing burner covers and an optional plug-and-play infrared sear zone. 

This grill is manufactured with commercial-grade stainless steel and 16-gauge stainless U burners backed by lifetime warranty. The TRLD (Deluxe) has cast stainless burners.

Alturi Series

Luxurious and Made in the USA, the Alturi Series features red cast brass burners at 26,000 BTU's each. Features include Interior angle-mounted halogen lights, spring-assisted hood, LED Control Panel Lighting, Heat Zone Separators, 100 lb. motor capacity Rotisserie Kit. This beautifully designed grill coupled with the Madera line of outdoor kitchen components created a stunning look for any backyard.

SBG Builder Grill

The SBG Builder Grill has durable features that are perfect for any commercial application. It features two 304 stainless U Burners that are 26,000 BTU's each totaling 52,000 BTUs, double-insulated hood and heavy-duty anti-theft knobs. The Builder Grill warranty is One year of manufacturer defects for all commercial and/or hospitality applications.

We saved the best for last! --- American Muscle Grill

The American Muscle Grill is the most impressive grill we have seen and is not one to be missed (compare to Kalamazoo Grills). This Grill is USA made (in Huntington Breach, CA) and the design is inspired by the old American Muscle cars of the 60's. It has some really super cool features. It does have a huge price tag but... it is multiple grills in one and it's a deal compared to Kalamazoo!

The patented 12 Gauge solid fuel trays can burn charcoal, wood pellets and any other solid fuel you can think of. The 36" model Grills features 5 burners and has a total of 110,000 BTUs and the 54" has 8 Burners.

A really cool feature is there grid lifting tool. Simply attach to the end of the V grate and hook into the back of the grill hood. This makes loading your fuel a breeze.(see below picture)

AMG Grid Handle

American Muscle Grill Warranty

  • Lifetime : Burners, Cooking Grates, Valves, Burner Covers and Fuel Trays (unheard of in the industry)
  • Lifetime : Firebox
  • One year : all other parts and electrical

Summerset offers a variety of outdoor storage solutions that are Made in the USA including doors, drawers, trash centers, combo units and dry storage.

Add outdoor components from the Made in the USA, Madera line for a truly stunning outdoor kitchen. The Madera outdoor kitchen accessories and storage solutions are constructed of #304 stainless steel and a patent-pendingsustainable tea design. Choose doors, drawers, combo units, dry storage or trash.

Summerset Grill Model Comparison

Depot's Conclusion

While we prefer Grills that are Made in the USA, we do like the Summerset's Sizzler and TRL Grills. Their customer service and warranty is great and they generally have a good stock of replacement parts (in comparison to some of their competition).

Let The BBQ Depot put together a Summerset outdoor kitchen appliance package for you!

by Tracy Hollander on 10th Mar 2019
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