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Early model DCS Grills used a cast iron burner which is still available in OEM and aftermarket. These burners were great because they were not only thick and heavy but the cast iron retained the heat well. Current DCS models use a stainless steel U shaped burner that is used in all models also available in OEM and aftermarket. 

How to Change and Replace a DCS U Burner


Tip : Keeping your DCS Cast Iron Burner from quickly rusting out and flaking, pull the burner out of the grill. Inspect the holes around the burner making sure they are clear of grease and uniform in shape. Lightly brush around the holes and take a small drill bit and clear the holes. Lightly tap the bottom of the burner (that goes over the valve) and get out any grime. Put a thin coat of cooking oil on the burner to keep it moist. You will  notice that cast iron burners dry out and flake and eventually chunks will come off the burner.


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