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We carry all style OEM heat shields for DCS as well as aftermarket radiant trays (that used lava rock) and the ceramic rods and trays. More information on specific models below.

DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) has used various types of heat disbursement systems in their grills over the years. Early models used a Radiant Tray that were used with lava rocks. They have since replaced the lava rock system with trays that use ceramic roller rods. This system is still used today and only found in the DCS grills. Early ceramic rods were 8.5" and they now make them in 9.5" These ceramic rods have a unique heating feature. As they are hollow inside the tube allowing the burner to heat hot air that flows through the center of the tube allowing for a nice, hot even heat distribution.

Some DCS models (EDV) use radiant trays with briquettes.

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