Weber Grill replacement parts are available for all model Weber BBQ grills. From Genesis, Spirit, Summit, E, EP, S and the all new Genesis II. From grill burners, grill grates, grill ignitions, flavorizer bars, manifolds and more, The BBQ Depot has whatever grill parts you need to get your grill working like new.

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Weber Grill Parts

Weber gas grills has gone through many changes over the years. For example, for decades the Genesis and Spirit had the control knobs on the side and burners which were horizontally installed (from left to right). It was only the Summit series that always had front control knobs. This is no longer the case with the Genesis and Spirit, they all now have front controls (with the burners mounting front to back). With recent management changes we are seeing more Weber Grills being manufactured overseas.

Still, even with all of these changes, Weber remains the best grill in the residential marketplace.

Weber gas grill parts are replacement parts specifically designed for Weber BBQ grills. These Weber parts are available for immediate delivery from The BBQ Depot. Weber gas grill parts include burners, cooking grates, ignition systems, flavorizer bars, manifolds, and more.

Weber grills include the popular Genesis, Spirit, and Summit models. Extend their lifespan with genuine replacement parts for weber gas grills.

Be sure to select the correct Model and Series Weber that you have. The parts are different. 


What Model is Weber GS4?

GS4 is not a model it is an acronym for grills equipped with the GS4 High Performance Grilling System - Infinity Ignition, Stainless Steel Burners, Flavorizer Bars, Grease Management System. All models that offer the GS4 system will have that emblem on their grill. It does not denote a Model or Series of the grill. The GS4 technology was offered in both Genesis and Spirit Gas Grills. You cannot order parts off GS4. You will need your model and/or serial number.

What is the life expectancy of my Weber Grill Parts?

That is a difficult question to answer. This is because everyone will care for their grill differently. Certainly the first part to corrode is usually the flavorizer bars. This is because they get direct flame at the bottom from the burners and grease and drippings on the top. If left on this part, the grease will eat through both stainless steel and porcelain coated flavorizer bars. You will extend the life by cleaning them. All porcelain coated parts can be brushed off (never scraped). Replacement Parts on Weber Grills that are cared for can last 5-7 depending on maintenance and material of part. If there is abuse or neglect, you can cut that time in half.

What are Flavorizer Bars?

Flavorizer Bars is the term Weber uses for their heat distributing system. All Weber Gas Model Grills (except for the Q), use flavorizer bars. The Spirit and Genesis Series have had both Porcelain Coated and Stainless Steel and the Summit series of Weber BBQ grills only use Stainless Steel. Since Genuine Weber Flavorizer Bars come in kits, it is essential to know not only the model but, the series as well. Flavorizer Bars will have different lengths, widths, heights and quantity provided in the set.

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