15 3/4 x 4 3/4, Members Mark Cast Iron Burner - P1925B

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MHP Aftermarket Gas Grill Replacement for many brands. Sold Individually


Fits Bakers Chefs Models : 608SB, 9803S, 9905TB, 9912T, Y0005XC-1, 608SB, Monarch 04ALP, 4ALP, 04ANG, 04BNG, Regal 04ALP, 04ANG, 04CLPp, Y0005XC-2, Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0660, Y0669, Y0005XC-1, Y0005XC-2, Y0005XC, Y0101XC, Y0101XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0660-1, Y0660, Y0660LP-2, Y0660LP, Y0660NG-1, Y0660NG, Y0669NG, Grand Hall Y005XC, Y005XC-2, Y005XC-1

Fits Member's Mark Models : 608SB, MONARCH04ALP, MONARCH04ANG, MONARCH04BNG, REGAL04ALP, REGAL04ANG Y0005XC-2, Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0660-1, Y0660, Y0660LP-2, Y0660LP, Y0660NG-1 Y0660NG-2, Y0660NG, Y0669NG, Y0005XC-1, Y0005XC


Alternate part# CISC, P1925A, P1925C, P02001044E, 29251, P1925B

Dimensions : 15.75 x 4.75 

This item is not an original manufactured part

To ensure you choose the correct replacement burner for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

Ask The Experts


  1. Perfect Fit

    Having very little knowledge about my grill, I ordered these parts with crossed fingers. Turns out they were exactly what I needed and fit perfectly! I do wish they came with generic installation instructions but that was easy enough to find with a quick video search. All 4 were installed in under and hour and the grill is working perfectly!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 15th May 2022

  2. My others had rusted

    Works good now

    Verified Customer Unknown - 20th Feb 2022

  3. I had no grill model number

    I took as precise a measurement as possible of old burners and checked against specks for the new. They were close. Easily installed new burners. They produced an even flame easily regulated over the full spectrum of flame heights. I could ask for no better performance!

    Verified Customer Bill Burleson - 23rd Dec 2021

  4. Great find in a sea of old items that are old but functioning.

    Replacement parts are essential extending life of older idems. A great service.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 20th Sep 2021

  5. Works great!

    Fit just like the old ones and works great.

    Verified Customer freon - 11th May 2020

  6. Perfect replacements!

    I've ordered these burners twice now and they have worked out great. The first set lasted over 8 years. I'm hoping this second set will last just as long if not longer!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 11th May 2020

  7. worked great

    My stainless grill is still working good because of the new burners 20 years old

    Verified Customer Dan abendroth - 4th May 2020

  8. Great quality product!!

    Thx to the good descriptions and measurements i easily found what i needed and ordered from BBQDepot .... all came (free ship) and quickly !! Popped right in my grill and fired up like new ...extremely satisfied with my order !! Thx BBQDepot !

    Verified Customer B Briggs - 6th Apr 2020

  9. Perfect fit

    I’ve a 3 burner drop in purchased with an island at a home show many years ago. I am not able to find the make, SGS Premium Grills listed anywhere on the web.
    The description of these burners were spot on with what I have. I ordered one to ensure it was right. Fit and function were perfect. Ordered and received remaining burners. Perfect blue flame all around the rings. Grill is like new!

    Verified Customer Mark T - 7th Jan 2018

  10. 15 3/4 x 4 3/4, Members Mark Cast Iron Burner - P1925B -

    Great cast Iron Burner easy installed

    Verified Customer Joseph Bowers - 30th May 2017

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