BBQ Galore, Charbroil Ceramic Ignitor Electrode - IG17


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Model Compatibility:

Bakers & Chefs : 608SB, 9701D, 9803S, 9905TB, 9912T, GQ-5001D, GQ-5002D, Y0005XC-1, Y0655, Y0656

BBQ (Barbecues) Galore : ZG0521

Charbroil : 4632210, 4632215, 463221503, 4632220, 4632235, 4632236, 4632240, 4632241, 463231503, 4632315031, 463231603, 463232103, 463233503, 463233603, 463234603, 463234703, 466231103, 466231203

Grand Cafe : CG108ALP, CG109ALP, CGE06ALP

Grill Chef : SS525-B, SS525-BNG, SS639, SS72B

Grand Hall : 9701D, 9803S, 9905TB, 9912T, CG108ALP, GQ-5001D, GQ-5002D, MONARCH04ALP, MONARCH04ANG, MONARCH04BNG, Y0005XC-1, Y0005XC-2, Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0655, Y0656, Y0660-1, Y0660, MFA05ALP

Kenmore : 141.16123, 141.16315800, 141.16233, 141.16235, 141.16313, 141.16315, 141.16673

Member's Mark : Monarch04ALP, Monarch04ANG, Monarch04BNG, Y0005XC-2 , Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0660-1, Y0660, Y0660LP-2, Y0660LP, Y0660NG-1, Y0660NG-2, Y0660NG, Y0669NG

Sams Models: 9701D, 9803S, 9905TB, 9912T, GQ-5001D, GQ-5002D, Monarch04ALP, Monarch04ANG, Monarch04BNG, Y0005XC-1, Y0005XC-2, Y0101XC, Y0202XC, Y0202XCLP, Y0202XCNG, Y0655, Y0656, Y0660-1, Y0660, Y0660LP-2


This Item Is Not An Original Manufactured Part/Item

Alernate Part # P02609013M,P2623B, P2623D, P2652A, 2623C, IG17-B, 02623, p02609002b, p2623b, P02609010B, p02609004b



To ensure you choose the correct replacement electrode for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.



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