DCS Electrode with collector box and wire - Replaces OEM 211718

RRP: $24.30 (You save $7.31)

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Sold Individually. Includes Collector box, electrode and wire. This is an aftermarket part.

We use this part in all of the service calls we make on DCS grills. Manufacturers do not make ignition components therefore, you wouldn't have to be concerned with quality issues. 

This aftermarket DCS electrode and collector box is for the new style grills that use the stainless "U" shaped burner.

The electrode gets plugged into a 9 volt spark generator that is mounted to the back of the control panel.

Kit Includes an adapter wire depending on your spark generator (Rotary or Battery).


Fits DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) Models : 27DBQR, 27DBR, 27DSBQ, 27DSBQR, 27FSBQ, 27FSBQR, 36DBQ, 36DBQAR, 36DBQR, 36EBQAR, 48DBQ, 48DBQAR, 48DBQR, 48EBQAR, 48EBQR, BGA27-BQ, BGA27-BQR, BGA36-BQARL, BGA36-BQARN, BGA48-BQARL, BGA48-BQARN, BGA48-BQRL, BGA48-BQRN, BGB30-BQR, BGB36-BQAR, BGB48-BQAR, BGB48-BQR

Replaces OEM Part 211715 &  214293


Replaces GE Part : WB02X11425

Wire Length : approx 29"

Alternate Part # : 211717, 211718, 211719, 211720, 211721, 4850, 04850, IG33, IG-33B, MCM04850, MCM050485004, 211715, 214293, 250199


To ensure you choose the correct replacement collector box for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

Ask The Experts


  1. great replacement part

    appears to be an almost exact replacement for the original

    Verified Customer KENNETH STEVEN TERRY - 22nd May 2021

  2. Excellent DCS ignitors

    I was pleased to have two ignitors shipped to me from The BBQ Depot. I am slightly annoyed to see "they" just reduced the price from $24.30 to $16.99, so I paid $7.31 more for each ignitor. If I'd waited two weeks, I'd had saved $14.62! As they come with NO mounting screw, I recommend purchasing a new stainless steel sheet metal screw. The original screw is common steel, corrodes and is VERY hard to remove.

    Verified Customer Waterdawg - 15th Feb 2021

  3. Works great

    Fit perfectly in my 30" built in DCS grill and was easy to install. Be sure to look up how to remove the front panel first and don't break the igniter button/housing when removing front panel. I looked it up first and saved myself that hassle. Works great. Not sure if necessary as I don't know if the wires for the electrodes are sufficiently insulated, but I removed the white insulating sheath from the old electrodes and placed them over the new electrode wires.

    Verified Customer PC - 17th May 2020

  4. Igniters

    Easy install

    Verified Customer Dean McDonald - 3rd Mar 2020

  5. Great product

    bought other Chinese visuals crappy, sent back

    Verified Customer Gary - 2nd Nov 2019

  6. No more lighter!

    I was finally able to find an affordable replacement for my DCS ignitors, a lot less than factory. Just have to be careful when installing the probe into the bracket so that you don't crack the ceramic insulator as the holder needs to be adjusted to fit.

    Verified Customer Ralph Bingham - 15th Feb 2018

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