DCS, GE Igniter Electrode and Collector Box for Older Model Grills - IG37

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This aftermarket DCS collector box and electrode fits the older model grills that use the cast iron burners. If your Grill has Stainless U burners with ceramic rods, this is not the electrode for your grill.

Please note that some of the DCS grills had a left and a right collector box.

This collector box mounts to the inside of the firebox.  Depending on the model DCS grill you have (27", 36" or 48") these grills may have used a left and right collector box with electrode depending on the year. This collector box mounts on the right side (with the left open end exposed). 


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Fits DCS Grill Models : DCS 27, DCS 27 series, DCS 27ABQ ,DCS 27ABQR, DCS 27BQ, DCS 27BRQ, DCS 36, DCS 36 series, DCS 36ABQ, DCS 36ABQAR, DCS 36ABQR, DCS 36BQ, DCS 36BQAR, DCS 36BQR, DCS 48, DCS 48 series, DCS 48BQ, DCS 48BQAR, DCS 48BQR

Fits GE Grill Models : ZGG27L20C2SS, ZGG27L20C3SS, ZGG27L20CSS, ZGG27L21ASS, ZGG27L21C2SS, ZGG27L21C3SS, ZGG27L21CSS, ZGG27L21YSS, ZGG27N20C2SS, ZGG27N20C3SS, ZGG27N20CSS, ZGG363L31CSS


Wire has a round connector - Color of wire might vary (BLACK OR RED)

NOTE - you can use this electrode as a replacement for DCS OEM 211834 Smoker Electrode by removing the collector box

DCS Part Number : 13012-6


To ensure you choose the correct replacement collector box for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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  1. Received the parts timely, installed and working correctly

    Thanks your help in offering the correct part s to replace.

    Verified Customer james williams - 9th Feb 2020

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