Gas Logs

Gas logs enable you to experience a realistic fire in any environment, but without the need for actual flames. They're safe to use, easy to ignite, and relatively maintenance-free. The BBQ Depot carries a wide selection of gas logs that are flexible, reliable and most importantly ANSI certified for safety. More advantages to gas logs below.

These gas logs are extremely practical and affordable, but the real beauty is in the realistic flame movement. You'll be amazed by the mesmerizing flames that dance hypnotically back and forth as the radiant heat consumes you with warmth. Traditional fireplaces will feel obsolete as you marvel at the lifelike scene before your very eyes, and your guests will also be amazed as you get the fire burning at your next big party.

Gas Log Advantages


Gas Logs Are Simple To Operate! Gas logs can be conveniently started at the turn of a valve or with an on/off switch. Once the logs are in place they are permanent. No constant hassle with the changing out of real wood logs.

Efficient & Long-lasting:

Gas Logs Outlast Conventional Wood! Since gas logs do not require electricity, the are a great source of heat and light during a power outage. They offer enjoyment year after year without having to worry about stocking and replacing firewood.

Environmentally Friendly

Burning Gas Logs Preserves The Environment! Gas logs burn cleaner than wood, reducing air pollutants. Dangerous flying sparks and dirty ashes are eliminated. Creosote build-up in the chimney, a common cause of fires, is also significantly reduced by the cleaner burning gas fuel. Cost Effective:

Gas Logs Cost Less! Gas logs cost a fraction of what wood logs cost per hour to operate

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