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These infrared grates channel grease away from the burner, down into the grease tray. If properly maintained, they should never disintegrate. Use a V-Grate cleaning tool to help. If you notice them starting to decay, you should replace them.

Infrared Cooking Grates: An Overview

An Infrared cooking grates is a style of grilling surface that use infrared technology to heat food. They are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel that channel grease away from the burner, down into the grease tray. In the event you cook with fatty meats or heavy sauces, the channel will collect these liquids and protect the ceramic burner. Infrared Grilling is popular among grill enthusiasts because they offer a number of benefits, including faster cooking times, radiated heat distribution, and reduced flare-ups.

It's common to see the term "channel grids" used to describe infrared cooking grates, as this refers to the way they are designed to channel grease away from the burner. It's worth noting that the channel grid design may not be as durable as other types of grates, and some users have reported that the metal can corrode over time, especially if the grill is not properly maintained

Popular Brands Using Infrared Cooking Grates

There are several popular brands of infrared cooking grates that use a "channel grid" design, including TEC, Solaire, and Alfresco. It's worth noting that Solaire is unique in that their grate is a "V Shape" and they offer a cleaning tool specifically designed for their grates. The cost of infrared cooking grates can vary depending on the size, brand, and other factors.

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