Venturi Tubes

The environment surrounding your grill has a great effect on its venturi burner system. Insects and dirt are attracted to the tubes, and can clog the small openings that allow air to flow into the tube. Clogged tubes distort the level of heat and can even explode from pressure.

With new tubes you can properly control temperature.

What are Venturi Tubes?

Venturi tubes mix gas and air in the tubes before sending the mixture on to the burners where the mixture is ignited and used to produce flame. The tubes are named for the "Venturi Effect", which states that as liquid moves through a narrow tube to a wider tube, it accelerates, and decreases in pressure at the narrow end and decelerates and increases in pressure at the wider end.

The venturi tubes attach to the burner and extend to the control valves. They will have an openings at the end with a movable metal slide to allow air to mix with the gas, sometimes they will have a screen to keep insects from entering.

The practical effect of the venturi burner system is that the tubes control the fuel for the grill and are therefore integral in controlling the temperature of the grill.

The BBQ Depot for Replacement Grill Parts

We carry a wide selection of venturi tubes for gas grills, including cast iron, steel and chrome venturi burner systems to fit a wide range of different grill models. Venturi tubes also come in different shapes and lengths.

By offering different lengths and variations of the same model, we are able to service grills that use the same tube design but use different sizes.

If you have questions about what kind of tubes you should buy for your grill, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!

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