Hard to find Grill Parts

Are you pulling your hair searching every grill parts site for specific parts you need and your finding nothing?

The struggle is real. There are many types of grill parts including, the most popular, Grease/Drip Trays that we and many grill parts sites will not have parts for. This is because it is an imported "private" label grill from a Big Box store and the only parts you are finding are what is available in the aftermarket.

Rarely will you find Charcoal Grill Parts, Grease/Drip Trays, Heat Indicators as well as parts for portable (tabletop) grills in the aftermarket.

Common parts NOT found in the aftermarket (this means the manufacturer is the only option) : Gas Conversion Kits, Gas Valves, Grease Trays, Heat Indicator, Manifolds, Grill Body Parts (Hoods, Carts, Handles, Wheels/Casters, etc) Ash Tray/Pan, Charcoal Parts, Tabletop Grill Parts. 

Unfortunately, in order to attain these parts, you will need to contact the manufacturer or product support phone number. If they do not have the part, it will most likely be non-existent.

The aftermarket will generally only have replacement parts for gas grills (very rarely charcoal) and these parts include : burners, cooking grates, heat plates, briquette trays, spark generators, some electrodes and valves and universal control knobs. This is because many of these same parts can go in many grill configurations.

What is a "private" label grill? In todays grill world, it is a mass produced imported grill that big box stores put a brand label on with little or no product support.

The best assistance we can provide is to gather product manuals for specific grill models that will have contact information as well as to help educate you on what you are purchasing. This is why we stress to buy a product from an established manufacturer, preferably a Made in the USA Grill, not a brand label.

Charcoal Grills :

Expert Grill



Gas Grills :



Kitchen Aid 


Members Mark 
8 Burner Event Grill GR2039201-MM-00

Grease (Drip) Trays :- There are currently no universal grease trays. If it is a grease tray that has a frame and that frame is in tact, getting a piece of sheet metal to cover the hole in the tray is the best fix if the tray is not available.

Tabletop/Portable Grills :

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