MHP WNK Stainless Twin H Burner/Venturi Assembly - GGDLB13

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Burner kit



Replaces MHP Part# GG-DLB, GGDLB13

Fits PGS - Pacific Gas Specialties Models : K-40

Replaces PGS Part# 140105, 140110


Dimensions: 19 1/2" x 8"  (20″ x 8-1/4″)

Venturi Dimension : 7 1/4" x 1 9/16"  (approx.)

Material : Stainless steel

This item is an original manufacturer part (OEM)

Alternate Part# 140105, 140110, 10612-71302, GG-DLB, GGDLB13, GGDLB13TL

** Burners might come with screw on venturi or twist in venturi tubes **   They are the same size 


To ensure you choose the correct replacement wnk burner kit for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.


Ask The Experts


  1. Just like OEM part

    Always leery about what kind of quality I would get on line. I also got a briquet grate. Both items excellent! Bought on line on a Monday with regular free shipping. Received on Friday am.
    Very happy.

    Verified Customer Stephen Ricard - 5th Sep 2023

  2. Good replacement for OEM burner

    I gave this burner 5 stars because it seems to be equivalent to the original burner. The only problem with that is that the original burner lasted only a few years. I would like to see a burner made of something that will last for the life of the product.

    Verified Customer Garrett - 6th Jul 2023

  3. Long life MHP Grill

    Purchased my grill 23 years ago now replacing the burner for the forth time so they last a while !

    Verified Customer James - 4th Dec 2022

  4. Perfect Replacement

    My old burner was a rusty mess. This fixed me up!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 3rd Oct 2022

  5. perfect fit

    I had this grill for 15 years and with the new burner and the new igniter the parts fit perfect it is like a new grill

    Verified Customer Unknown - 1st Aug 2022

  6. Works perfectly

    I bought this as a replacement part for my MHP grill and it fits perfectly. All the hardware aligns to fit holes properly and installation was quick and easy.

    Verified Customer Deb Nicolai - 20th Jun 2022

  7. MHP WNK replacement burner

    I've had my MHP about 20 years. Of course the burners don't last forever, I've always replaced with a universal product from the big box hardware stores. At first they had a 5 year guarantee, then it went to 3 year, and finally to 90 days. The last one I bought was flimsy and lasted maybe 2 years. To replace with another piece of junk was about $35. This time I elected to go the OEM route and I'm glad I did. Very solid and great fit. It was about a 3rd off the regular price making it around $70. I'm sure this will last at least twice as long as the cheapo version.

    Verified Customer Tim Estes - 12th Feb 2022

  8. Perfect replacement

    Replacement fit and worked perfectly.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 16th Jan 2022

  9. This burner head is putting out more consistent heat than the original, I can not make this up!

    Finally we can get the heat regulated so much better than the original install. Why I do not know but it works great. And was a perfect fit!

    Verified Customer J C - 16th Nov 2021

  10. The right replacement part for my grill.

    I'm glad it was available to bring my grill back to life. The well presented on-line descriptions allowed me to choose the correct model. Good quality & fit perfectly. The price is fair considering it's for a 20 year old grill that currently costs about $1000.

    Verified Customer RichO - 20th Jun 2021

  11. Perfect fit, easy install

    Perfect replacement for my MHP grill. Old burner had disintegrated so had no temp or flame control. Once I got the old burner out and dropped this in it works like new.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 19th Apr 2021

  12. Refurbishing a 30 year old grill

    My first plan was to replace our 30 year old MPH grill. Then I remembered that I bought it originally because I felt its cast aluminum body and base with its stainless steel stand should last forever. A quick check on the internet allowed me to replace the burner and double valve system and the briquet grill and give myself a newly functioning grill. Waiting to give it its first work out soon.

    Verified Customer - 25th Mar 2021

  13. Excellent quality, great service

    Received the burner and it was much better than the last one I had purchased from somewhere else a few years ago. Solid build.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 16th Jul 2020

  14. Just right

    I was delighted to be able to easily locate on line the exact replacement burner I needed for my 20+ yr. old gas grill.
    Arrived in less than a week.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 11th Jul 2020

  15. As good as the original one!

    This is the perfect replacement for my grill burner. It fit perfect and works like new. I couldn't be happier.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 17th Jun 2020

  16. I've purchased this product at stores and they are cheaper but for a few more dollars I love it works great

    It is the best burner I have bought

    Verified Customer Betty Donathan - 6th May 2020

  17. good quality; great service

    found exactly what i wanted fast with a good product description and competitive price, ordered and received excellent turnaround

    Verified Customer CHARLES WRAY - 31st Aug 2019

  18. Works perfectly

    Nice product. The venturi arms can be adjusted slightly to fit the gas valve. Works well

    Verified Customer Unknown - 7th May 2019

  19. Like the original

    As far as I can tell this burner is just like the original burner that came with my grill. Seems to be good quality and sturdy. Very pleased.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 4th Mar 2019

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