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Texas Sizzler universal replacement ceramic element plaque that goes on top of the metal burner housing unit

This plaque is manufactured in one size.  If your Texas Sizzler had one originally, this is the correct replacement part. 

Fits : Texas Sizzler, Infrared Elite and Sizzler JR

Each ceramic plaque comes with a set of gaskets.

Dimensions: 10.875" x 7.5"


 To ensure you choose the correct replacement ceramic plaque for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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  1. Parts for a great grill

    This is for my Texas Sizzler grill and it is not my first purchase of replacement ceramic plaques. I have owned the grill for over twenty years. Its parts and total grill are the best in the market.

    Verified Customer Robert L Meyer - 4th Jun 2023

  2. Good replacement but not identical.

    First, the worst thing: these are a PITA to install. The ceramic plaque fit is like the original, which is to say pretty snug. There's are a set of four seals that are supposed to go around the edges to keep the gas from bypassing the plaque. These are strips of something that looks like fiberglass and are extremely fragile. It's quite a trick (or was for me) to get these in place around the edges of the plaque without tearing them up. I wound up using a strip of heavy paper to sort of funnel them into place, then gently slid the paper out leaving the seal in its slot. I still had to use a thin piece of wood (aka popsicle stick) to press them in so they fit flush. That said, I expect that T.E.C. never intended the plaque itself to be replaced; in the past you had to buy the whole burner assembly for something like $350 so to save about $200 I'll live with the finicky install of the plaque.

    The good news is that, although the plaque surface looks a little different and the flame is a little cooler than the original - the color is definitely a little redder than the yellow-orange TEC unit next to it - it cooks just the same.

    Overall, to save a lot of bucks I recommend this, but be ready for a finicky install.

    Verified Customer Booth - 4th Oct 2018

  3. Good replacement burner

    Cured my grill from flaming out. If you have a crack in your burner, this will fix it. The part came with all the gaskets, and I only had to remove two screws to take the old one out and install the new one. My only complaint is the frame around the burner ceramic is does not join neatly.

    Verified Customer Jim - 3rd May 2018

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