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Infrared burners are incredible additions to grills of all sizes. They attain high temperatures much faster than convection (blue flame) burners. They use gas just like traditional burners except the design allows for quick searing of food. This allows the juices to caramelize and seal in. They are not "Universal" therefore, you will need the same infrared burner that was engineered for your grill.

The BBQ Depot has all of the various parts as well as whole assemblies for Infrared burners compatible with major brands including Lynx, Fire Magic, Alfresco, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat and more.

How to clean an infrared burner:

  1. Remove the mesh screen that covers the ceramic burner (if yours has one)
  2. Take a Shop Vac and Lightly vacuum the ports on the top of the ceramic plate (Never wet an infrared burner)
  3. Clean debris off the Mesh with a Stainless Scrubber
  4. Reinstall the Mesh Screen

Why do I hear a popping sound coming from my burner?

Usually this happens when the tiny port holes in the ceramic tiles get clogged, broken or the baffle inside the burner is broken. (The baffle is not visible to the eye.) When there is a crack in the tiles, the popping noise occurs because the flame gets sucked inside and igniting gas in the burner. Thus causing a popping noise. 

We fist suggest removing the screen (if it has one) and check for visible cracks or breaks to the ceramic.

If you do not see any visible damage, try gently vacuuming the tiles (also with the screen removed). Never use any water to clean an infrared burner. After you have vacuumed the tiles, remove the the burner gently shake any debris out of the burner. Since the burner is removed, now may be a good time to also clean the valve orifice. Reinstall the infrared burner and see if the problem resolves. If not, usually at that point the baffle may be broken and the burner will need to be replaced.  

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