Venturi Tubes, Arkla, Charmglow

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Fits Arkla Models : 3049F, 4029F, 4049F, GF540-286-EB, GF540-286-EL, GF540-286-SB, GF540-292-EB, GF540-292-EI, GF540-292-EL, GF540-292-ELV, GF540-292-EUB,  GF540-330-EAV, GF540-330-EI, GF540-330-EI-1, GF540-330-EIV, GF540-EA, GF540-EB, GF540-EI, GF540-EI2, GF540-EIV, GF540-EL, GF540-EVB, GF540-SB

Fits Charmglow Models : GF540-330-EA, GF540330EI1, GF540330EI1, GF540330-EIV, GF540EA, GF540EI, GF540EI2, GF540EIV 


Dimensions : 4.5 x 3.5

Material : Zinc Plated Steel

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