Arkla, Charmglow, Sunbeam Venturi Tubes - 77202

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Discontinued by the manufacturer

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This part has been discontinued. Can use (2) pieces of Universal Flex Venturi Tube V12

Fits Arkla Models : R4451, R5672, R568C, R568C

Fits Charmglow Models : 01794, 4042E, 5282S, 5692S, 56GR8, B5674, C407R, C46E6, C4SK6, GC408517, GC446517, GC505817, GC506817, GC548517, R4451, R5297, R5672, R568C, S5266, S5649, S5666, S5696 

Fits Sunbeam Models : 158631, 400R7, 400RC, 4087R, 40D57-0, 40J49, 40J49-0, 40XE8, 40XR9, 42J49-0, 4414B, 4444E, 4454E, 4454R, 446EC, 4486R, 4487R, 448DC, 448DC6, 448EC, 4499R, 449R8, 44GR8, 44J24, 44J24-0, 44J29, 44J29-0, 44J52, 44J52-0, 44J69, 44M39, 44M39-0, 44XR8, 477002D, 47C74, 47C74-0, 47C7C, 47D64-0, 47D79, 47D79-0, 520R5, 5286R, 5286R-1, 529R8, 52B49-0, 52GS8, 52GSM, 52S34, 52S34-0, 52S69-0, 52S79, 52S79-0, 52XR8, 5600E, 560R8, 5662D, 5662D-1, 5669S, 566BL, 566BL-1, 5670D, 5670D-1, 5671S, 5687R, 5687R-1, 5697R, 5697R-1, 56B49, 56B49-0, 56D84-0, 56GS8, 56GSW, 56J69, 56J69-0, 56M72, 56M72-0, 56M79, 56M89, 56M89-0, 56M8C, 56S79, 56T84-3, 56T84-4, 56XS8, AG555CC, AG590CC, AT455EPB, AT550EPB, AT590CC, B4444, B5664, B566L, B5674, D4421, D4464, D5662, D5679, D5684, E4059, E4404, E4414, E4444, E4454, E5624, E5644, E5649, GG491CC, GG555CC, GG590CC, GS405927, GS407827, GT555CC, MG590CC, S5264, S5266, S5269, S526C, S5634, S5649, S5666, S5669, S566C, S5678, S5679, S5696 

Dimensions : 7 7/8" x 2 5/8

Material : Zinc Plated Steel

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