31442 Lynx Main Burner Valve

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Lynx Grill Replacement Main Burner Valve for Premier series and some Professional. Does NOT come with Orifice.


Sold Individually


Series 0, 1, E, F, G

Fits : L27, L27FR, L27R, L30, L30APSFR, L30F, L30FR, L30PSFR, L30R, L30PSR, L36FR, L36R, L4, L42FR, L42PSFR, L42PSR, L42R, L54, L5430, L5430FR2B, L54FR, L54PSFR, L54PSR, L54R, L54SBFR, L54SBR, LB36F, LBQ27, LBQ27E, LBQ27E, LBQ27F, LBQ27FE, LBQ27FR, LBQ27FRE, LBQ27R, LBQ27RE, LBQ36, LBQ36F, LBQ36FR, LBQ36FRE, LBQ36R, LBQ36RE, LBQ36RN, LBQ48, LBQ48CF, LBQ48F, LBQ48FR, LBQ48FR2B, LBQ48FRE, LBQ48R, LBQ48R2B, LBQ48RE, LBQCB2


LP Orifice Part 30328 - #53L 

NG Orifice #41L


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Lynx grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.

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  1. Italian made gas valves

    Italian made gas valves, Very high-quality work well

    Verified Customer Unknown - 3rd Jul 2021

  2. New Life

    Valve worked perfect in 20 year old Lynx. Burns like new.

    Verified Customer Dale - 17th Oct 2019

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