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Why Buy a Made in the USA Outdoor Appliance like Alfresco?

At The BBQ Depot, We define Alfresco as one of the BEST Luxury Outdoor Appliances Built in the USA!

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

Creating the Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco is defined as in the Open Air, we define it as Outdoor Luxury. They created this brand in the year 2000 with the desire to bring the quality, products and features professional chefs demand to the backyard. While several high-end grill lines existed by this time, no one had created the complete line of products necessary to build a true open air kitchen. Alfresco changed that.

As the heart of any open air kitchen, designing a professional-level grill was the first priority. The use of all type 304 18-8 stainless steel was obvious, but 30+ plus years of experience designing and building equipment for some of the nation's largest restaurant and hotel chains led to some choices that were less obvious. 

First, nearly every seam is welded and polished, as mechanical fasteners tend to loosen over time. 

A unique dual-row, dual-port burner was designed with an industry-leading exclusive, high-heat stainless steel, which enables the burner to carry a lifetime warranty. 

The Sear Zone infrared system was developed, bringing the intense searing power of a commercial infrared broiler to the home.

And understanding the importance of appearance to the residential customer, the grill features large radiused corners and extensive hand-polished accents.

Great Grilling = High Heat The key to perfectly grilled food is instant carmelization, which seals in juices for tender, moist and flavorful food. 

The ALXE grill has been engineered to deliver the intense, even heat needed to achieve perfect results, with the control and flexibility needed for all kinds of food.

Lets Dive right into these Amazing Features :

  1. 18SR Stainless steel Accufire burners
  2. Optional Sear Zone ceramic infrared burner that reaches 1500 degrees in under 4 minutes
  3. Industry first Integrated rotisserie with built-in motor 
  4. Dedicated Smoker Burner & oversize wood chunk drawer
  5. Amber lit control panel lighting
  6. Three position adjustable warming rack
  7. Integrated high-intensity halogen work lights
  8. User-friendly pushbutton ignition with sealed 110v power source
  9. Free Grill Cover

Alfresco Grill Models - ALXE-30, ALXE-36, ALXE-42 or ALXE-56 :

30" : This is great for a small family looking for luxury and power with 542 sq in main grilling area and Two Burners

ALXE-30 – 30″ Built-in Grill, 2 U Burner, Smoker, Rotisserie

ALXE-30SZ – 30″ Built-in Grill, 1 U Burner, SearZone, Smoker, Rotisserie

Alfresco ALXE-30 Built-in Grill


36" : This three burner grill is great for those looking for a mid-sized grill with 660 sq in main grilling area and Three Burners

ALXE-36 – 36″ Built-in Grill, 3 U Burner, Rotisserie, Smoker

ALXE-36SZ – 36″ Built-in Grill, 2 U Burner, SearZone, Rotisserie, Smoker

Alfresco ALXE 36" Built-in Grill


42" : This three burner grill is great for large families or frequent entertainers with with 770 sq in main grilling area with Three Main Burners

ALXE-42 – 42″ Built-in Grill, 3 U Burners, Rotisserie, Smoker 

ALXE-42SZ – 42″ Built-in Grill, 2 U Burners, SearZone, Rotisserie, Smoker

Alfresco ALXE-42 Built-in Grill


56" :

56" Deluxe with Side Burner - Super large grill with 770 sq in of grilling space with an integrated dual side burner for boiling or heating sauces

ALXE-56 – 56″ Built-in Grill, 3 U Burners, Rotisserie, Smoker

ALXE-56SZ – 56″ Built-in Grill, 2 U Burners, SearZone, Rotisserie, Smoker

56" All Grill - Largest grill on the market with 990 sq in and 4 Main Burners (3 U and One SearZone)

ALXE-56BFG – 56″ Built-in Grill, 3 U Burners, SearZone, Rotisserie, Smoker


The only Grill to offer 15 ways to Cook

  1. Searing
  2. Braising
  3. Frying
  4. Boiling
  5. Roasting
  6. Teppanyaki
  7. Grilling
  8. Baking
  9. Steaming
  10. Wok Cooking
  11. Blanching
  12. Smoking
  13. Griddle Cooking
  14. Cold Smoke Roasting
  15. Rotisserie Cooking

Amazing Accessories to Enhance your Outdoor Grill

  • Steamer/Fryer for chicken wings, french fries and more 
  • Solid Fuel Insert
  • Griddle 
  • Wind Guards where windy conditions may effect the open flame U burners

The Most Diverse Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

From Sear-zones, Dual Side Burners,  Pizza Oven or the Versa Cooker, you have every outdoor appliance you can imagine! In addition, their wide selection of storage options will complete your outdoor kitchen.

Versa Power Multi Use Cooker Burner 

Alfresco Versa Power Bunrer

Alfresco’s VersaPower cooker offers from 400 to 45,000 BTUs of power for total heat control. 

The specially designed super heavy-duty spider grate will handle the smallest of saucepans up to a 100 quart stock pot. 

It is also ideal for a turkey fryer. Its versatility makes it the perfect complementary appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen. Add a griddle and create authentic hibachi style meals. 

Features :

  • All commercial stainless steel with heli-arc welded seams
  • Exclusive dual burner system each with independent control
  • Min. heat control 400 BTU’s
  • Max. heat control 45,000 BTU’s
  • Removable 3/8” diameter electropolished stainless steel spider grate
  • Removable center trivet
  • User-friendly electric ignition system
  • Commercial Quality Outdoor Refrigeration

    Under Grill Refrigerator - ARXE-42

    Alfresco Under Grill Refrigeration

    Alfresco's original all-weather refrigerator unit is still one of the most innovative designs on the market. True restaurant-inspired design keeps cold items organized and convenient. The unique marinating drawers are great for holding meat before it goes on the grill or are perfect for keeping salads and toppings fresh.

    1. 1,000 BTU all weather refrigeration
    2. 4 cu. ft. door section with adjustable wire shelves
    3. All-welded commercial stainless steel construction
    4. Dual marinating drawers with removable s/s food pans
    5. Compact, commercial compressor system
    6. 27 to 56 degrees of adjustable temperatures
    7. Internal Lighting

    Under Counter Refrigerator - URS-1XE

    Alfresco Under Counter Refrigerator

    Alfresco is proud to have been the first company to introduce a true all-weather refrigerator that works even in extreme high and low temperatures. Our 7.25 cu. ft. refrigerator is adjustable from 30 to 60°F so you can set the optimal temperature for the food being stored, and the  optional keg kit allows conversion to a keggerator in minutes.

    1. All-welded commercial stainless steel construction
    2. 7.25 cu. ft. of interior storage space with adjustable wire shelves
    3. High-velocity, fan-operated evaporator

    Why Do We Love Alfresco?

    This is a True Story.... In 2002, we were asked if we could service a grill that was given to handyman by the grill owner who had a winter home on the bay in Miami Beach. He had stated that the grill rolled into the bay and sat in the Ocean water all summer long. We asked him to bring this grill to our shop to look at. The Brand was Alfresco and the Model was an AGBQ 54" all grill. We could not believe the exterior of the grill was in amazing condition. We were able to restore the exterior with stainless steel cleaner. There was minor surface rust but no pitting. 

    We pulled seaweed from the inside of the grill and only had to replace the 9v battery spark generators.

    We could not believe that a grill could sit in salty water for months and not corrode. We knew we had to carry this grill and the rest is history.... 

    The  Alfresco Grill is the most thoughtfully engineered grill on the market. It is the easiest grill have ever repaired!

    Is Alfresco worth the money?

    100% yes! Purchasing a Made in the USA gives you many benefits (besides supporting the country we live in!)

    1. Quality Standards often NOT found in imported grills. We see shoddy manufacturing in imports everyday we fix and service these types of grills. You cannot have quality control when your manufacturer is thousands of miles away.

    2. Access to repair parts. This is another issue we face daily with imports. Do you have a grease tray for my grill? Often NO on imported grills! Do you have vales? Again, too often its no. 

    Why invest in a grill that the manufacturing is subcontracted and the accessibility or availability in important parts is no.

    You will not have these issues with Alfresco! You will always be able to attain  Alfresco Replacement Parts!

    There are cons with every grill on the market. Alfresco has some procedures we do not like. They outsource their warranty through ADCO which we feel is a BIG mistake. This greatly lowers the service. Other than that... it is our only gripe.

    Why shop at

    We not only sell grill we repair and install them! Alfresco Grills have little to no problems and are one of the easiest to repair.

    Need Installation help? Troubleshooting? We are here to assist with any of your Alfresco needs. We actually service the grills so there is noone that knows these grills better than us! All of our Alfresco Reviews and options are unbiased and based upon our decades of experience servicing grills. 

    Choose one of our most popular  Alfresco Appliance Packages or contact us to have us create one for you!

    by Tracy Hollander on 12th Jun 2019
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