Alfresco U Burner Replacement - AGBQ, LX2, ALXE

Replacing the U Burner in an Alfresco 

Replacing the burner in Alfresco Grills is an easy do it yourself task. Most importantly, you need to know which burner. There are OEM and aftermarket available all 3 series of grills (AGBQ, ALX2 and ALXE)

Which model do I have?  The easiest way to tell is by these key features below

AGBQ - Has an external rotisserie motor and either a AA or 9 volt battery ignition

LX2 - all have internal rotisserie motors 

LX2 Gen 1 - Battery ignition with loose briquettes on the tray

LX2 Gen 2 - Electric ignition with lock bar on briquette tray

ALXE - Amber Lights on Knobs 

There are 2 different burner styles that have go in an Alfresco Grill depending on the model prefix. Both burners were exactly the same except for a bar that went across the U in the AGBQ that provided the burner support. 

The ALX2 and ALXE Grills have a bracket mounted at the back wall of the firebox that provide the support for the burner.

See picture below

Alfresco U Burner Bracket

In the ALX2 Grills, the back of the U sits in the bracket holding the burner up off the firebox.

The end of the center fed tube sites over the valve orifice that you can see through the circle at the front of the inside of the firebox. See Picture below

Alfresco Grill Valve Orifice

The AGBQ differs in mounting from the LX2 as it has a stabilizing bar that runs along the top part of the U. see image below

Alfresco AGBQ vs LX2 Burner

The AGBQ Grills have a burner hanger that sits across the bottom of the firebox. The bar that is across the burner lays on that bar to provide burner stability. If you use a burner that DOES NOT have the bar, the burner will wobble.

We did a comparison Why many aftermarket U burners will not work in an AGBQ Grill

We have the only Made in the USA exact aftermarket replacement for the AGBQ burner that includes the bar across the burner. This burner will fit all three series of grills. The bar across the burner does not interfere with any components in the firebox and fits in the back wall bracket perfectly. The burner is manufactured to the same specs as the OEM to withstand hotter temperatures than just 304 stainless in other aftermarket burners.

The LX2 and ALXE grills differ from the AGBQ as they use a bracket on the back wall of the firebox to stabilize the burner. 

Once you have determined the burners for your grill, the steps to change the burners are as follows :

1. Remove Cooking Grates and set aside

2. Remove Briquette Trays and set aside

3. Lift the burner up and out of the bracket first and then pull out from over the valve

Alfresco U Burner Removal  

4. Insert new burner by placing the center fed tube from the U first. Slide the tube over the valve. Be sure burner covers the orifice and place on the burner hanger (AGBQ) or in bracket (LX2 and ALXE)

5. Reinstall cooking grates and briquette trays

If you have any further questions or need assistance with any additional Alfresco Parts, please call us at 877-983-0451

NOTE : Be cautious of inexpensive, cheap, poorly manufactured burners claiming to fit Alfresco found on many popular websites. They are made with inferior materials and port holes are off. We have been on a handful of service calls where these parts were purchased by customers and they hired us to install them. We would could not install them due to the manufacturing issues with the gas port holes. You have a high end quality product. You do not want to ruin it with cheap replacement parts.Replace with high quality parts! Remember you get what you pay for.

by Tracy Hollander on 16th Jun 2018
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