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Unlike cast burners, Alfresco burners delivers consistent, clean combustion. Alfresco Grills come with either Stainless U Shaped Burners, Infrared Sear Zone Burners, or both. The burners have changed from the introductory AGBQ model to the ALX2 and ALXE. The AGBQ is distinguished by a brace under the peg that seats the burner. The ALX2 and ALXE grills do not need this brace as the burner sits in a welded brick at the back of the firebox.

We stock both OEM and aftermarket burners. The aftermarket burners do not have the brace and make the fit in the AGBQ grill a bit unstable. See our OEM vs Aftermarket AGBQ Burner Comparison. The burner rocks quite a bit in these grills. They are a perfect fit though for both the ALX2 and ALXE grills.

Alfresco Gas Grill Burners feature 27,500 BTU 18SR Stainless Steel & Titanium Blend Dual rows of ports, three sides w/ crossover tube in front Oxidation and corrosion resistant for max longevity.

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