Best Built-in Outdoor Griddles - 2022

Who doesn't love spending time outdoors? Spend more time outdoors and expand your cooking options beyond the traditional gas or charcoal grill with an outdoor griddle

When planning your Outdoor Kitchen Design and Appliances, be sure to include either a teppanyaki griddle or a power burner that has the ability to add a griddle accessory. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you may put your grill into semi-retirement. If grilling is not your thing, then you can build-in a griddle in it place.

Outdoor Griddle vs Gas Grill

Choosing between an outdoor griddle and a gas grill is tough! It would almost be like saying stove vs microwave. If you had to choose one or the other, then narrow it down by what you think you would get the most out of. Did you know you can griddle steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers? We feel that there are some maintenance advantages to griddles. Since the burners are covered by a solid stainless cooking surface, you will have no drippings on burners as well as soot build up in the firebox. You can always put a universal griddle accessory on top of your grill grates but it will not cook as well.

What can you cook on an outdoor griddle?

The possibilities are endless (beyond just traditional Asian Teppanyaki) when it comes to creating meals on griddles. The most popular is pancakes and eggs. But there are many more possibilities from crepes, french toast, hash-browns, grilled cheese, burgers, asian stir fry, fried rice and more. It may never take the place of your grill, but it will get plenty of use!

Which outdoor griddle should I choose?

Many grill brands are adding griddles to their repertoire of outdoor kitchen offerings. So it is always best that If you have a grill brand in mind, first see if they offer a griddle as your outdoor kitchen will look more cohesive with like brands. 

If not, don't worry, there are a few brands (Cook-N-Dine, EVO or LeGriddle) we recommend that you can use to compliment many outdoor appliance designs. 

We are going to go over the features of the Best Outdoor Griddles for 2022.

Best Built-in Outdoor Griddles

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki - TETG30 (Luxury)

Twin Eagles Built-in Teppanyaki Griddle - TETG30

Add some versatility to your Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen Equipment with the Authentic Japanese inspired iron plate cooking with the Teppanyaki TETG30 griddle. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Solid 5/16” thick Stainless Steel Griddle Surface
  • Two independent thermostatic controlled Stainless U Burners
  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Heat on indicator lights
  • Hot surface ignition
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Control Illumination

If you have space or budget constraints and you want to maximize your value, we recommend going with a Power Burner and purchasing the griddle accessory You will have the best of both worlds - boiling water or heating sauces to griddling your favorite foods.

Lynx Asado Cooktop - L30AG (Luxury)

Lynx Asado Griddle - L30AG

What we love about the Lynx Asado Griddle as it uses two independent Trident Burners totaling 42,000 BTUs so it heats up super fast.

This American-made unit features a 495-sq.-in. dual zone multilayer (aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel) cooking surface. Ignites with their reliable hot surface ignition system. Utilizes Lynx's blue LED control illumination so it compliments the Lynx (and even Sedona) product line.

What we love about this product is you do not have to purchase all Lynx professional grills and appliances to compliment the Asado. Save some money with the Sedona by Lynx Grill. This product complements the Sedona line as well.

Fire Magic Echelon Gourmet Built-in Griddle - E660i-0T3 (Luxury)

FireMagic Echelon Built-In Griddle - E660i-0T3

Fire Magic’s Built-In Gourmet Griddle beautifully compliments the Echelon line of grills and accessories. What we love about the Firemagic is if you do not want a built-in unit and want a portable option, you can get the Gourmet Griddle on a portable cart as an option. The little flame on the control knob will turn red when the burners are in use.


  • Made in the USA
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 30” x 18” griddle area
  • 3/8” thick stainless steel surface
  • Two Stainless burners to provide two-zone cooking
  • total of 40,000 BTU’s
  • Hot surface ignition 
  • Blue back-lit control knobs 
  • Easy-to-clean grease pan with removable trays
  • Same cut-outs as E660i grill
  • Stainless cover 

Blaze LTE Outdoor Griddle (Mid Range)

Blaze 30" LTE Outdoor Griddle

The Blaze Griddle is a perfect complimentary product to the LTE line of grills and accessories. It features 2 U-shaped burners that have a total of 36,000. It uses the flame thrower Ignition and has red LED lights. This unit is a Chinese import.

Griddles that will complement any Grill Brand

Cook-N-Dine MO80 (Luxury)

Cook-N-Dine 31" Built-in Griddle MO80

If price is not an issue, then the Cook-N-Dine MO80 is for you! This ultra luxurious German hand-welded manufactured unit uses professional food grade silk brushed 5/32" thick stainless steel type 304 and can withstand the elements year round in any climate.

Power : 1800 Watt 

Available in 120V or 220V

The Burner Element transfers Heat directly into the food, not the air. 

Their Patented "SHALLOW-DIP" Technology is designed to keep the juices in the center creating a yummy base for delicious sauces. Use a paper towel to remove any unwanted liquids. When cooled off, the cooking center goes back flat. The Hot Cooking Center is surrounded by a warming area of approx 3" (just like traditional Teppanyaki)

This unit is truly a masterpiece in engineering and design. It can be used indoors or outdoors. All electric and its components are completely enclosed and insulated.

This unit compliments all outdoor grill and appliance manufacturers. Please call us or pricing.

Le Griddle 30" GFE75 (Affordable Luxury)

Le Griddle Built-in 30" GFE75

The Le Griddle GFE75 offers the best bang for your buck! It provides great value for the incredible quality it offers. This unit hails from France and is constructed of 304 stainless. What we love about this unit (and what makes it unique) is their patented dual plate. The top is stainless steel and the bottom is cast iron. This griddle features 2 stainless U-Burners with 18,000 BTUs. This unit would compliment and outdoor equipment manufactures with it simplistic design. It can not only be built-in but it can be used as a tabletop unit as well. If you need a portable cart option, they have that as well!

EVO Affinity 30G (outdoor) or 30GP (Luxury)

EVO Affinity 30G Griddle

The EVO Grill is another option for those who would like the circular design or want a truly spectacular unit to be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen. What we love about this unit ... you can do EVERYTHING .. sear, saute, grill, toast and stir fry. Put a pot on the cooking surface and boil, braise, poach or steam. The stainless lid has an adjustable vent to steam or warm foods.

This unit features a 30” circular stainless steel cooking surface. EVO is manufactured in the USA and is brought to you by the same company that owns Lynx and Viking.

  • Two stainless round tube burners provide 1 or 2  temperature zones between inner and outer surface.
  • Variable temperatures 225 F to 550 F 
  • Electronic push button ignition

You will love this unit so much you will want one inside as well. Fortunately, this unit is available in an indoor unit as well.

How to clean an outdoor griddle

We recommend, cleaning after every use. Wipe it with a cloth or non-scratch straight-edge spatula such as heat-resistant nylon or wood to remove and loosen food particles and other residue. You may heat up some water to assist in removing cooked-in food or seasoning. 

Special griddle cleaners are commercially available which may be used to remove heavy build-up. 

Rinse the griddle with room temperature water if you use a cleaner. 

Caution: We suggest not using cold water! This may cause griddle warping.

by Tracy Hollander on 23rd Jan 2020
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