Gas Grill Troubleshooting Tips

There is nothing more inconvenient than going to fire up the grill while hosting a barbecue, only to realize that your grill is not working. If you’re having problems with your gas grill, try the following troubleshooting tips from gas grill experts to get cooking again in no time.

Your Grill Has A Low Flame Or Low Temperature

Typically, this problem is caused because of a faulty fuel line regulator. A faulty regulator can constrict the flow of gas.


You will need to release the pressure built up in your regulator to restore normal fuel flow. Do this by turning the burners on, turning off the propane tank, and disconnecting the gas hose and regulator from the tank.

Turn your burners on high for a minute or two, and then turn them off. Reconnect the propane and slowly turn the gas back on.

Your Grill Is Heating Unevenly

Uneven heating can make grilling especially difficult – one steak can come out burnt and well-done, while a steak from the other side of the grill is still cold on the inside.

Typically, uneven heating in gas grills is caused by a clogged burner. When grease, fat, and other drippings drop below the grill grates, they can clog your burners.


A wire brush can be used to clean the burners and remove whatever is obstructing the flow of gas.

Your Grill Won’t Start Or Light

Your grill ignitor may be battery-powered. If this is the case, replace the batteries in your ignitor before trying anything else. If this does not solve the problem, you will need to find out if your igniter unit is generating a spark.

If it is not, then your ignitor button could be bad, or the wiring could be bad. You could also have something clogging the burner that not enough gas comes out.

Consider Replacement Parts

Depending on what’s causing the problem, you may need to replace certain parts of your grill.

Whether you have a faulty burner that needs replacing or an ignitor that isn’t sparking your grill, The BBQ Depot has you covered. Just because your grill is not working does not necessarily mean you will need a brand new one. Gas grills, although durable, may suffer some consequences after sitting outdoors through rain, wind, heat, and the cold of winter. Test your grill this summer before hosting any guests. This will ensure that you have ample time to replace any parts and solve any issues you are having!

by Tracy Hollander on 18th Jul 2017
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